A must read- the ultimate guide to black metal book : out soonBlack metal is a complex and ever evolving musical genre.

It could be argued that the only real ground breaking music of these times is coming from the scene.

Often controversial, it also has some great music and art and has become a worldwide form far from its roots in Norway and northern UK industrial towns with black metal bands on mountains in Afghanistan or death defying anti religious black metal in Iraq.

A complex and ever evolving beast- almost impossible to detail but this is the book that will do just that…

Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult is a 600-page book by UK author Dayal Patterson that delves deep into the history and development of black metal as an art form and a culture. It is released on November 13th, but is now available to pre-order from Amazon at a discounted price.

Published via Feral House, . . . Evolution of the Cult is as comprehensive a take on the black metal scene as you will find. There are already some superlative books published on black metal—Lords of Chaos, immediately springs to mind (hey, whatever became of that LoC movie?), but also Black Metal: Beyond the Darkness, the highfaluting Hideous Gnosis . . ., and True Norwegian Black Metal, a showcase for Pete Beste’s photography. But none have documented the genre so comprehensively, with such detail.

As the official Facebook page says, “It captures the progress of the genre, from its infancy in the early eighties through to its resurrection in the nineties and onwards to the fascinating scene we see today. Combining interviews with the key individuals involved with editorial insight and iconic photography this epic tome examines the artistic, musical, spiritual development of the genre and the creative work, ideologies and often colourful lives of some of its most significant bands.”

The interview list is exhaustive [see bottom for a sample], and the crypt has been raided for a number of unpublished images, including some of Deathcrush-era Mayhem.


Anyone who has picked up any UK metal mags over the past few years would recognise Dayal’s writing. And anyone who has ran into him at a gig over the past few years will recognise the burden of putting together a phone-book sized history of a metal subgenre that has thrived on half-truths, legend and scandal. Said burden could have—should have turned Dayal all shades of Senator Palpatine, but it looks like it has gone to press just in time.

Pre-order it here for 16 bucks. 

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