A Fan’s eye view Of The Stone Roses: “They opened the window to my world and I’ll forever be grateful.”

A typical fan of The Stone Roses explains how he came to fall in love with the  band.

It all started when I was about 12 years old, i was driving to hull with my best mate to visit his family and then suddenly the radio stopped and a CD was put into the CD player and on came this magic song, we were cruising along the motorway and I can remember it clearly being a really rainy and foggy day but something went off in my head and it was like a spark, like I had just woken up again for the second time that day, I looked out of the window and just listened to this song, and straight away I knew I liked it, it just uplifted me in a weird way that no other music had done before.

Before I heard of The Stone Roses I didn’t have a music taste, I would listen to whatever was being played on the radio, I didn’t know who sung the songs I just used to listen to what was being played on TV and so on, looking back now my parents have such awful taste in music, with the likes of savage garden and U2 being played when I was a kid. Didn’t help having two older sisters who used to be in love with groups such as The Spice Girls and Atomic Kitten, so you could say I didn’t have any music taste until that day, it’s like it all clicked into place, music never was important in my life until that day. The song that was being played was “waterfall” (listen below) and I just remember instantly falling in love with the upbeat melody and Ian’s soft and Rhythmic voice. I was shy back in the day so I didn’t ask who it was singing, but as we drove on, more songs came on and I just listened in awe at the beautiful sounds coming from the CD player, in the end I just had to find out so I  asked my mate, “who’s this singing?” And he said “Its Stone Roses, they’re top aint they!”

When we got home, I asked my parents if they had heard of them, and they just shrugged and said they couldn’t remember, but I had to listen again, so my friend played the CD for us when we was hanging out. At first you don’t know the words but you sing along in a way that you think you know the words if that makes sense, it just made me wanna get up and do something, it put a spring in my step, gave me confidence in a weird way and made me smile most importantly. The music made me happy. After this I was hooked, and to this day I’m still hooked like a drug, but a drug that’s good for the soul, I’ll always thank my best mate for being the one who opened  my eyes to music and the power it has. And as I grew older I made friends with people who would listen to this type of music and they would tell me what bands to listen too and help shape my music taste.

I became obsessed with the music of Oasis, The Jam, The Smiths etc etc, the whole indie / alternative rock scene, the attitude and the style it all appealed to me so much, I started to research everything about every band I liked, especially the roses, I would read articles for hours on end on the internet about it, I would watch clips on YouTube for hours, sit in my bedroom with nothing but The Stone Roses albums playing over and over again until I knew every word. I used to tell everyone I knew about them, if they didn’t know who they were I made it a personal mission to make them have a listen. It became my biggest passion, my walls were covered with posters, I felt a kind of acceptance with the world, I had found my place, this is who I am, the music had shaped me into the person I am today, It inspires and uplifts everyone it touches, to me The Stone Roses are not just a band that play the best music ever, they’re a part of my life, they have helped me through the tough times and they have been with me through the happy times.

They opened the window to my world and ill forever be grateful.

All words by John Worsley.

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  1. What a load of shite. They are totally the emperor’s new clothes and not worth yours or any body else’s time.

  2. Yeah man! A similar experience to me in that it was hearing the Roses that showed me how completely involving and generous music can be. There aren’t many albums that can accompany you through your teens, your twenties, and on and on…. The Stone Roses ‘Stone Roses’ and ‘turns into stone’ are always there for me; never boring, never patronising, always arresting, always enlightening. A rarity in today’s disposable culture. Not so much an old friend, more a close brother.

  3. Spot on John. They have shaped my life in a very similar way. For more than half my life they have been a huge part of me.

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