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New photos of the Stone Roses first band, The Patrol, emerge

Way back in the punk wars teenage kids were forming bands left, right and centre. Some of them got pretty good despite being only 15/16...

Former Stone Roses keyboard player Nigel Ipinson to release book about his time in...

Keyboard player Nigel Ipinson was there for the last period of the group and on his Instagram has mentioned a book he had written about that period and also a potential third album that was recorded in 2015 that he played on but has never been released...

Prince Harry chooses wrong Stone Roses track at final royal engagement

What we wonder is why they didn't choose another album track, 'Elizabeth My Dear', where the decidedly not very royalist at all Ian Brown describes shooting the queen...
The Rub - Mik Grant exclusive interview

The Rub was Reni’s band after the Stone Roses – Mik Grant exclusive interview

Drummer with The Rub Mik Grant tells his own charming story of how he was chosen to fill the throne of one of the most revered drum stools in Manchester.

Photo emerges of The Patrol (the teenage pre Stone Roses band) live in 1981

Before the Stone Roses there was a bunch of schoolmates in Manchester who put together a school band called The Patrol - live photo emerges!