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This a story of a musical legend, the last of the punk rockers, a glam rock genius, a virtuoso pop star attempting a long awaited comeback with an ever increasing series of sporadic gigs in London.
Adam Ant is back amongst us.
With news of a new album, ‘Adam Ant Is The Blueblack Hussar in Marrying The Gunner’s Daughter’ (what a title! Already sounds great), due in January and two pre xmas shows at the Electric Ballroom on December 16 and a major headline show on Dec 21 at the Kentish Town HMV Forum we seem to be on the verge on a new Ants invasion.

Adam Ant is the great-lost pop star whose found himself again. His low key gigs in London have defied his bipolar condition and show that he is still in touch his creative genius. At 56 he looks stunning and dresses with a killer touch. A flurry of kilts, jewelry, ever increasing tattoos, Mad Hatter headgear and razor sharp cheekbones with fuck you make up- it’s like he has by passed his superstar phase and gone straight back to the wild Adam of yore. That’s the punk period Adam on stage alongside Jordan playing out his freak show anthems to the Ant fans in one of the most far out, out there episodes of British pop and even punk.
Because the initial Ants were about as punk rock as you could get. They were fantastically weird with dark songs that re-wrote musical convention and came dressed to kill in bondage and Kabuki killer panstick.
When the big time came Adam was mistakenly labelled a pantomime pop personae and dismissed by ”Ëœserious’ critics but for those that know, he is a pop genius.
Those first two albums, ”ËœDirk Wears White Sox’ and ”ËœKings Of The Wild Frontier’ are amazing works. ”ËœDirk’ was the ultimate in zigzagging art school rock- it was tough and weird but also fantastic pop- Adam was always one of the great singers and brought his weird songs to life with a deft melodic touch.
The early Ants were the heaviest and weirdest punk band of them all and for a year or so were the carriers of the original sex, style, subversion spirit of the Sex shop punk rock revolution before turning into the unlikeliest of pop stars in the early eighties. Their fans were the antfans- the freakiest, heavy-duty looking crew in the country who were a blur of studs, feathers, warpaint and Mohicans before anyone else even knew what these were.
They massed from all over the country or from the London punk squats and when the Ants broke through the disconsolate Antfans split to follow the Southern Death Cult and watched shocked as Adam suddenly attracted screaming teenyboppers- there is a great description of this tour in the amazing Vague fanzine from back in the early eighties.
Adam Ant broke though with ”ËœKings Of The Wild Frontier’ which was an amazing work- an avant-garde, pop kaleidoscope. The album resulted from when Adam asked the late Malcolm Mclaren in to help with the band after the release of ”ËœDirk’. He then watched aghast whilst Mclaren stole the Ant-band to form Bow Wow Wow.
A desolate Adam phoned Marco and put together the new Ants and, adding Malcolm’s ideas, created a 3D pop soundtrack that gatecrashed the charts- making most people forget just amazingly off the wall this music was.
Pop music in the early eighties was not like this.
Pop music in any decade was not like this.
Re-listen to ”ËœKings’ now and you will be blown away but its vision and its attractive, cinematic strangeness.
After that there were still sublime moments of pop genius like ”ËœStand And Deliver’ and ”ËœPrince Charming’ and there were still hits before he slipped away from the limelight.

Like all talented people Adam had the highs and the lows and the lows were fierce and difficult. There was the publicised court case and a tabloid witch-hunt but Adam came out the other side.
Instead of choosing the money spinning eighties package tours he has gone back to the grass roots. The kind of feral, sweaty clubs that he worked in the first place and it is here that he has honed down his new vision.
He plays some of the hits but also the real classics. The set list is made up of the darkly sexy ”ËœPhysical’, the plainly bizarre ”ËœRed Scab’, the brilliant ”ËœThe Day I Met God’, and the hypnotic ”ËœCleopatra’ – utterly original songs that sound like no-one else and how rare is that in rock music? Songs that were as ground breaking musically as any of the lauded post punk bands who get the all the praise that Adam deserves but doesn’t get because of his fuckability and sex music- two things that post punk didn’t have much of.

The recent show at the Scala was a tribute to the late and great Matthew Ashman who was one of the original Ant guitar players who played on ”ËœDirk’ before absconding to Bow Wow Wow. Ashman’s deft guitar work decorated another moment of pop genius in BWW and provided the template to everything John Frusciante ever did in the Chilli Peppers. Bow Wow Wow reformed for the gig with Annabella sounding amazing and Adam himself hit a new peak.
The band, made up of fab glam rock droogs from Rachel Stamp amongst other sounded lean and mean, and Adam was a charismatic presence.
The time is right for the new album. Pop is dull and loose canons are welcome. And a piratical presence like Adam truly understand what a loose canon is and where to put it.

At the moment it all bodes well for 2011.

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Award winning journalist and boss of Louder Than War. In a 30 year music writing career, John was the first to write about bands such as Stone Roses and Nirvana and has several best selling music books to his name. He constantly tours the world with Goldblade and the Membranes playing gigs or doing spoken word and speaking at music conferences.


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  2. I remember hearing ‘Kings’ on John Peel summer 1980. It stood apart from everything else with it’s outsider sound and dropped me on the spot. Until this point they I’d only heard whispered bits about Adam Ant as a shadowy, kinky, Captain Black character – shunned by most of the media and snubbed by the majority of punks. I went to see them December 1980, it was like the Glitter band meets Clockwork Orange: double drums and ultra violence. The under-the-counter back catalogue of the b-sides and bootlegs remain my favourite moments of Antmusic, along with the Vive Le Rock album… He was Britains last great popstar and if we ever needed him rebooted and back in action – it’s now! But also check out Marco’s new band The Wolfmen for more amped glam rock riffs and black leather beats

  3. Loved the “metaphor” comment in the tv interview. Great to see Adam Ant looking so good and sounding good too.

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  5. Its great seeing Adam make a comeback. He has always been original in his music and very real. I was listening to his recent interviews and I was blown away how intelligent he is. I am excited to hear his new Album can’t wait.

  6. March 2010 finally meant I got to see the man live after 30 yrs .
    An odd , intimate , yet 30 birthdays & christmas’ rolled into one performance !
    Adam & The Ants ( several combinations ) was the beginning of my identity and MY music taste .
    Not my Mums or my Dads record collection but MINE . Which is quite a milestone in anyones life and one , just like our first kiss we never forget !!
    Since march being in London I have had the most ” Tena lady ” pleasure of going to most of the impromptu gigs !
    I’d Never as a nipper had the chance to see him perform in such environments so maybe it is true in that if it’s worth it , it’ll be worth the wait . My God it has certainly been that ! Adam us truly infectious , you can’t take your eyes off him . His hips still ” ROTATE” , and in such perfect venues not only can you engage and get lost in the music , you can get right up close and personal and engage eye to eye with the performer , and what a performer !!
    Personally I hope that 2011 has lots of Good , Mad & Lovely things lined up for us all and Adam !
    Im just also Sooooo POWER exited about tonight !
    One last note :- I’m bit sure which is more dubious :-
    At 7 lusting over someone who is only a year younger than your Dad , or the fact at 37 I still am ???;-)

  7. With most gigs that you go to these days, you know exactly what you are going to get, rarely do you get anything surprising. Adam’s gigs at the moment have a certain edge about them. You really don’t know what to expect, they are slightly disorganised, slightly under rehearsed, he occasionally rants on or has a moment (sometimes we’re not sure if he will even turn up, thankfully though that has not happened lately), but we don’t care. We just need Adam back doing what he does best and enjoying life again

    The gigs that Adam has done this year have been getting better with each one. The first Scala gig really doesn’t sound great listened back via youtube, but when we were there it really didn’t matter. The crowd helped Adam and the band through a blistering setlist covering his whole catalogue. With each gig, the band gets better and Adam seems to be more assured. It seems (I hope) that now that Adam is back playing again he is taking back control of his life and he can resurrect his musical career.

    The Matthew Ashman gig itself was one of the best experiences I have ever had. To see Adam playing those Dirk era songs (and nothing else) is something I though I would never experience. The performances are getting better each time, they are never going to be over polished but we don’t want them to be.

    Set List was Day I Met God, Christian Dior, Catholic Day, Never Trust A Man, Cartrouble, Zerox, Lady, Fall In, Duetcher Girls, Whip In My Valise, Cleopatra, Physical.
    Having Bow Wow Wow there also warming the crowd up just made the night even better.

    I just pray that Adam continues his recovery and the new album is as good as we know he is capable of.

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  9. I was about 12 when I saw kings of the wilf frontier on top of the pops. In those days we use to ge smath hits and the words to the song were printed that week, I wrote them out end lerned the song word for word. After that I got everything I could lay my hands on. I never got to see Adam and the Ants in the 80 as my mum said I was to Yung and when Adam was doing his own stuff I was always in the wrong plasce at the Wrong time. Keept up my obssesion buing everthing that came out and watching every film he was in and then out of the blu I decided to go on facebook and found out that Adam was playing at the scala the following week, I droped everything made my husband take leave from work and I was there. The gig was brilliant I was down the frount getting shuashed and having a ball and then he looked down and gave me a smile to die for, it was the the best fun I have had with my clothes on. Still obssesed and cant wait to see him again. Keep on rocking and we will keep on watchin.

  10. Much as I’m a fan of Adam and I think his return to the rock ‘n’ roll fray is empirically a Good Thing, I’m inclined to approach his comeback with caution.

    When I read things like this:


    …it makes me want to keep a safe distance from Ant-related activity until things tighten up a bit.

    And fifty quid for a gig – yep, FIFTY QUID – is well into you’re-having-a-laugh territory, even if Adam delivered the full showbiz monty, which it appears he significantly failed to do on this occasion. Even the Ants Lib crew were up in arms about the ticket price, and it takes a special kind of genius to alienate that lot.

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  12. I loved dancing to the early Adam & the Ants stuff down the 007 club in Blackpool. It is great to see Adam making a comeback and he is more than welcome to perform at the Galleon Bar, the new home for live music in Blackpool.

  13. I read this Adam Ant article with much interest last week (though not in a positive nature) I have been biting my tongue so to speak about publishing a comment on this site. See like you Mr Robb we are all entitled to our opinions and it’s quite apparent you think your motor mouth spew of clever flouncy writing carries a lot more weight behind it than others peoples views. Although as you’re a published author and whilst I respect and acknowledge the fact that you have unlimited knowledge about the music scene which is purely because you have more time than most to keep your finger on the pulse whilst simultaneously admiring your own physique in the mirror) sometimes you are way off the mark and in the case of Adam Ant oh, and your blog on Prince William too makes me puke.
    Since reading this article my thoughts create a nagging pain, gnawing away like trapped wind, a humongous rip roaring fart in the departure lounge just aching to be set free. Eventually you have to let go or risk the possibility of spontaneous combustion. Better out than in they say so with a bit of spare time here goes.
    Obviously John we sort of know each other but if we were close friends after reading this article based one of my first of many musical heroes the legend that was Adam Ant I’d be convinced of what to purchase for you on my Christmas shopping list. I do not think I would got far wrong with a miners helmet complete with torch and long lasting lithium batteries for when you are crawling the depths of Adams Ant’s arse hole with probably one of the most crawling pieces of journalism I have ever read about the man.
    You are not the huge Adam Ant fan you make yourself out to be, Johnny come lately Robb you probably never stuck with him after the Kings Of The Wild Frontier album, because like most punks of your generation you would have wrote him off as selling out when the half decent Prince Charming album was released (Side one. awesome, Side 2 hmmm not so good though loved it at the time). John admit it you’re just a fan of the Kings Of The Wild Frontier album and maybe Dirk Wears White Sox which isn’t even a punk album, it was a lo-fi pop album and quite easily the blue print for what happened years later under the banner of Britpop. Did you purchase the quite brilliant Friend Or Foe or Vive Le Rock album? I bet you didn’t and on the subject of gambling why do my spidey senses think this article has an ulterior motive. To further your own career perhaps? If I walked into William Hill and placed a £10 bet at the odds of fifty to one that you wrote article to worm your way into the flaky Ant hill mob you’d inevitably asked if you could secure a support slot with your band at his totally over priced, worryingly unprofessional and unpolished gigs. Or worse still ask Mr Ant to make a guest appearance on your next album, I mean come on, a crap Goldblade Christmas tune and a poor world cup song only prove the levels of depravity. Therefore that bet I mentioned would have accumulated a net total profit of £500 in my back pocket. Can you not see he’s ripping off his hard core fans, £50+ and then the sycophants go and pay this, I bet you never paid, I guess this article paid your way in, am I right? £50+ for a guy who like everyone else had a few problems, but for our Adam it’s worse, boo-hoo because he’s been diagnosed with bi-polar since being diagnosed after his throwing his dummy out the pram when people took the piss out of his look in a London boozer. Ever since then it seems to have given the man a license to say what the hell he likes and not ever worry about offending people and alienating fans. Believe me he most certainly has, his own forum proves the divide between the people in the know and fans with blinkers on. See John, our Adam was truly a genius a true professional on stage, something of which he took great pride in. Fact is he was truly amazing on stage, through the eyes of a nine year old boy in 1980 and right up to what I would now consider his last real gigs as the real Adam Ant in 1995 at an age of 24, I was always mesmerized and totally transfixed with his performance. There are many underlying facts to his genius, the man was an idealist, he bought fantasy to the masses, I bought into his brand of fantasy. Young boys of 10 wanted to be him and teenage girls wanted to shag him.
    There\’s many contributing factors, let’s call them key ingredients to the Adam And The Ants appeal. McLaren gave him so many ideas, more importantly the Burundi Steiphenson Black 7″ and the fantasies of pirates, cowboys and indians which appealed to young boys of a certain age that had to use their own imagination in play before the advent of video games. McLaren taken his Ants away which pushed Adam into super overdrive. However the biggest key ingredient to Adams success (and those amongst us with half a brain will agree) was a man called Marco. Now with Marco, Adam & The Ants went from being the band the press everyone hated into a money spinning household brand. I can recall walking into our local newsagents and nagging my mom for every magazine and poster-mag with his face on so I could fill my world with my musical super hero, only stopping short of him wearing his pants over tights! Marco Pirroni is the man behind Adam! Make no mistake. Buying the records with Adam on the front sleeve and sometimes Marcos picture on the back but more importantly his name sharing the writing credits for the most important part of what it’s all about the songs that put them on the map. Dog Eat Dog 3 minutes of pure pulsating beats full of testosterone that now sounds awkward on stage with backing female singers that sound like strangled cats all over it. Painful to watch! Like many things of late without Marco that now litter You-tube like a smelly rancid bin bag that need dumping into the recycle bin to protect his legacy. Spice Girls Wannabe? Save the Gorilla? Black Pirates W.T.F??
    Then there’s the gig I attended in London last April for a night called Shore Leave, I was certainly let down and sure wanted to leave it! It was the most pathetic display of “I wanna be loved by you just you nobody else but you oop oopy doop I’ve ever seen” He kept stopping for adulation looking wildly with eyes, licking his lips, out of tune, vocally and guitar, whilst making wild claims about the O2 offering a million to play there and the man turns it down and yet oddly and constantly bangs on about being ripped off by his record company being shafted by the music business, hence the influence on the title of his next album. The one that Adam promises us year in year out, yeah Adam believe it when we see it. He did look cool though that night but didn’t he ditch the make up nearly 28 years prior to look suave and sophisticated? Boy George never dropped it except for his spell in the slammer. Wouldn’t one million pound be shafting the music business back? Well it would be with his performances of late. If such a figure had been offered they would have only offered him his bus fair home after a performance like that. The Scala gig that followed (I sold my tickets) watch the clips, the audience are carrying him along. His hijacking of the Gary Numan gig with a wig on, I know many Numan fans and many have said they felt sorry for Adam making a twat of himself with his twisted pathetic Ad-lib lyrics, a bit of his own ‘Car Trouble’ over ‘Cars’ and then proceeding with “Wanna fuck your girlfriend in the back of the car”, wow who’s a clever boy then? Very impressive, not! Slagging off Marco onstage and the Wolfmen, (worse still what he says in private about him, with a vitriolic tone in his voice). The bottom line is he can’t cut it without Marco because it seems that no one else around him has a big enough pair of balls to say no to Adam and his every whim. I’m proud enough to say that when Adam was absolutely shockingly vile to me regarding Marco he made me feel uncomfortably numb. So much so I told him there and then you wouldn’t have been the big man that you were without him needless to say he hung up, just like when he walks off stage to heckles, is it because the truth hurts? Adam now professes to be the last punk rocker standing, in the same way Jacko claimed to be the King Of Pop and what happened to him. Last punk rocker standing? I don\’t remember Iggy Pop or John Lydon recording an album like Strip, Persuasion or manners & Physique? Oh yeah he\’s the last punk rocker standing who\’s stomach hasn\’t dropped but takes an eye liner pencil to darken his grey moustache. That seals the punk deal for me! Luckily for me I can separate the man that was to the imposter that has taken over his shell! I hear the gigs get better each time but again £50+ pisses me and many others off too, especially when you consider other artists of his time Duran and Madness etc usually charge within about £35 and they’ve all been plugging away it and providing music for their fans in different forms for years. Plus they rehearse to perfection.
    Adam is only worth £50+ if he gets back on stage with the formidable force of Chris, Terry, Marco and either Kevin or Gary, AKA Adam And The Ants, remember them? Proper Bo were they not? Add a proper stage set and lighting rig for true value for money.
    The only thing great about Adams return is Will Crewdson and is the glue to holding it together, but it’s not super glue, it’s more like Prit-stick, he isn’t Marco and never will be. Wills band Rachel Stamp were fucking amazing and Placebo took their fifteen minutes of fame!
    Dearest John Robb I would have gladly helped Adam put videos together for nothing if he asked only for Adams cause, I’d probably get a t-shirt but at least it would be free. Your article isn’t about plugging Adam is it? I feel it’s more about what’s in it for you knowing that some of your material harks back to the Ants sound and it could be a profitable conclusion for you wouldn’t it! Guilty as charged case closed.
    P.S I hear the smoke machine Adam uses keeps packing up at his gigs, maybe you could offer your services for free for once and lie on your back and blow some smoke up his arse instead or writing cock sucking articles about him.

  14. I’m confused by David Harris reply on this forum. Lots of mentions of arse cavities and cock sucking going on! what’s all that about?

  15. Hi Marc, you should try it sometime but invest in some KY jelly first to avoid chaffing of the bum mud flaps! ow! ;-) As for the cock sucking, use listerine!

  16. Haha. Who the fuck is David J Harris?
    A friend of mine attended one of the Ant London gigs and informed me by text that, apart from himself, Adam was “clearly the sanest person in the room and by some fucking distance”.

  17. Who are ya? Who are ya? Who am I?
    “I staggered back to the underground
    And the breeze blew back my hair
    I remember throwin’ punches around
    And preachin’ from my chair”
    Prescient, if your friend attended one of the London Ant gigs and Adam was the only sane person in the room doesn’t say much for your friend then either eh ;-) I attended a low key gig as mentioned above last April, bloody awful. Luckily it was only a fiver to get in and I found two damp £20 notes in the road that day. I only wasted my time attending. However I agree Adam may well be the sanest person at gigs from then on because you’d have to be a bit of space cadet to keep paying the extortionate prices he’s charging.
    Who am I? Just an opinionated old fan that feels a little let down much like most of the old fans who have the brain capacity to know he’s capable of much better than this.

  18. so ‘David J Harris’ are you one of the original Ant fans who followed Adam around in the late seventies? it’s great as an old fan you still even turned up at the low key London shows by Adam. From your rambling comments on here it sound like you are one of the originals who was there even before ‘Dirk’ came out. I bet you hate all those people that got into Adam when ‘Kings’ came out even if it also sounds like you have a bit a crush on Adam.
    Can you tell us something about those early days following Adam round those early gigs? would be great to hear about them.

  19. No Paris, sadly I’m not one of the original fans that followed him around in the late seventies. Therefore I can not tell you something from the early gigs, all my info pre 1980 would be second hand. I was nine years old when Adam And The Ants invaded my ear space and filled my world with vibrance. It was for me like many other fan quite an impact if you were a young boy of that age in those days of innocence and in comes a real life super hero, a genius with the whole rock n’roll package. Amazing music, a striking image and scintillating performances. I didn’t own a copy of Dirk Wears White Sox until it went in the album charts after the success of Kings Of the Wild Frontier and to be honest as a kid I didn’t understand it’s content till I was a bit older. So 30 years of being an Antfan gives me enough fodder to ramble in my comment above and if you read it all I mentioned two brilliant post albums after Kings. Also if your train of thought makes you conclude I had a crush on him then you could quite easily mistake me for having a crush on John Robb too so that train of thought went up the wrong track. As crushes go I haven’t had many in my time because as a kid I think I set the bar to high with the beauty of Linda Carter and that off Catherine Bach. Oh plenty a hard on!
    I personally have difficulty linking Adam with the punk genre. Adam’s material sounded nothing like punk or anything else for that matter so it really was his own brand of Antmusic, backed with his vision and totally driven. If he was a punk he certainly didn’t want to be one when he came to the attention of CBS records. Can you really come back and claim to be the last punk rocker standing when Iggy Pop has never stopped or dropped? Adam lost his so called punk fans by the time Kings Of The Wild Frontier had become Coca Cola for the masses and were quickly replaced by us ankle biters who went to see him in their droves with their mommies and daddies! He was wrongly labeled as a punk and was most definitely not a new romantic. Adam could have quite easily have been another Bowie, but he took it all too far! Adam Ant was the early 80s Ziggy Stardust! The Last Punk Rocker Standing manifesto is really something I can not get my head around and I worry that when (or if) he plays the rebellion punk festival making those claims whether die hard punks might not give him a warm reception and heckle him, shower him with plastic beer bottles or something worse leading to another famous ant rant and another storming off stage incident occurring again. Only time will tell!

    Just for the record….
    Punk (copied and pasted from British Culture,
    British Customs and British Traditions)

    The noun punk these days usually refers to followers of ‘punk’ culture and music. Punk Rock was started as a deliberate reaction against the mass commercialism of music. It began in New York in the early 1970’s, then unknown artists like Patti Smith, the Velvet Underground, and the Dolls of New York(changed later to New York Dolls) and Television started to do their own thing with aggressive lyrics, confrontational performances and anger against consumerism. Malcolm McLaren having failed to hit the big time in America came to the UK and teamed up with his friend Bernie Rhodes. In London they met and managed The Sex Pistols. Their anarchistic view of the world made them instantaneous celebrities. With spiked hair, tattered clothes, and safety pins as jewelry, they frequented talk shows and publicly badmouthed fellow artists, bands, and musicians. They spoke harshly of the British class system and the subjugation of the working class. They made news for concert violence, spitting at and fighting with fans. John Lydon – formerly Johnny Rotten – became the figurehead for a disillusioned generation, The Sex Pistols proved that you did not need to be able to play an instrument to be in a band – you just had to have something to say inspiring groups like The Clash, The Buzzcocks, Joy Division and The Stranglers.

    Hmmmm! now read the Punk paragraph again and spot how many times Adam Ant is mentioned. If anything makes Adam punk it’s bad mouthing fellow artists as listed above. He could get a stick on mohican from a fancy dress shop I suppose

    Hey folks don’t forget Shakin’ Stevens wore a mohican once at a fancy dress party and has now been asked to play Rebellion. Can’t wait ;-)

  20. I think David Harris makes a very good point here.I have been to hundreds of punk shows and seen thousands of leather jackets with UK Subs,Exploited,Dead Kennedys,Sex Pistols,The Damned,Crass,X Ray Spex etc but never,ever seen Adam and the Ants painted on the back of one.Or a t-shirt,patch or even a pin badge! Adam and the Ants were not a punk band and I think the Rebellion apperance could end in tears. Watching recent youtube videos of Adam not reacting to hecklers very well(people who have come to see him!!) I wonder how a thousand pissed up punks might react if he starts swearing at them?

  21. I think David Harris is a bit of a buffoon who seems to have his own issues but I’m interested in the point you make Rich. Because I’ve been to a lot of punk gigs and I HAVE seen plenty of Ants t shirts and badges and even painted on jackets. I’ve been to Rebellion as well and it’s not all beery punks, there’s a lot of people there who like the rest of punk as well. I saw Killing Joke do an amazing show there a couple of years ago and I don’t see their name on lots of leather jackets, but can Adam make it work, well that’s another question!

  22. Adam and the Antz were very much a punk band, and a great one, prior to 1980, and they played to the hardest of hardcore punks (the Soldier Ants). Arguably, the Ants after 80, when Adam teamed up with Marco, were kind of punk too, as their decision to become glam popstars was a defiant and brave move (they didn’t intend their audience to be 10 year olds though!), but I’m happy to describe them as a great pop band. I agree with John Robb .. much of the later punk tended to the puritanical and left out the sex, fun, and dirty, misshapen glamour of the early days, so it was time for some of us to move on.

    Adam now … Well, flashes of greatness come through, but his condition is a cruel one. The “choice” seems to be deadening medication or mania that skews his judgement.

    Thanks to John Robb for a compassionate article and an appreciation of Adam’s rare talent, and his curse. Much love, brother.

  23. In response to David Harris is a bit of a buffoon, yeah Andy you\’re right, I have been from time to time, we all learn from our mistakes, however I\’m now a wise buffoon who can spot a chancer trying his luck from 90 miles away. If anything I\’m a complete arse to anyone who doesn\’t like the truth when I tell it like it is and serve it up as matter of fact. As for having my own issues well as we\’re all on this pathway through life we inevitably tread in or hang out with dog shit from time to time, we just have dust ourselves off and carry on. What don\’t kill you makes you stronger and all that. Therefore my wings are like a shield of steel and I\’m firing on all cylinders.
    I would like to point out that my initial comment that some may perceive as rambling was merely making valid points.
    First point being that all articles or reviews regarding Adam Ant over the past year whether good or bad usually carry a paragraph that worryingly reads something like a government health warning on a packet of cigarettes with the except for the smoke blowing one above.
    Second point I figured there has to be an ulterior motive, my spidey senses were not far off the mark as John Robb books or helps book the bands for Rebellion and could make a pretty penny taking advantage of the last self titled punk rocker standing (Adam Ant) (giggles in fact like a lot of the fans witnessing gigs of late laugh my fucking arse off ). Adam\’s condition as rightly highlighted by MsDayGlo are indeed a curse. (MsDayGlo obviously a John Robb / Goldblade fan or even J.R. punk baron himself, easily detected by the use of the word “brother” which is commonly used in Goldblade circles).
    It\’s a curse that does skewer his judgement with total abolishment of every day common sense. The choice between medication or mania. Mania that seems to give him a license to be a complete cock to those who do not agree or comply with his manic thoughts, ideas, or over priced gigs, shitty t-shirts etc and the soon to be double released album on get this; vinyl, cd and cassette. He will have have plenty of those left around the back with those formats, he should go the whole hog and release it on mindisc, wax cylinder, 10” 78 and eight track cassette too. Adam Ant claims he wrote his new album with Boz Boorer and Chris McCormack when in truth most started off as ideas with Marco. Well good luck with releasing that and if you\’ve not heard any of the tracks let me tell you, you\’re not missing a trick, I\’d rather listen to two pieces of polystyrene being rubbed together.
    Oh and Msdayglo if Adam hadn\’t intended his music to be enjoyed by ten year olds and young people in general then can you explain why he took Decca records to court and put an injunction on his early material which is probably punk material being released? Why would the last punk rocker standing not want his punk material being released? Thanks to John Robb for a compassionate article and an appreciation of Adam\’s rare talent? We all have an appreciation for Adams talent that\’s why we\’re all here reading this but you\’re so right it is rare, in fact very fucking rare to find any in him these days.
    As for the Rebellion festival Adam will not be playing to his usual sympathetic sycophant crowd and I cannot foresee it running smoothly so here I\’ve assembled some links of the last punk rocker standings professional career and then some reality checks. Enjoy yourself it\’s later than you think….
    Here\’s a punk rock classic (professional releases first)
    And another
    and there\’s more
    Now here\’s your last punk rocker standing
    the end is interesting on this
    spoof? it was for real
    love the guy who asks who it was at the end then reacts
    who\’s a clever boy?
    what the hell?
    feel free to add more boys and girls, ah ha haa ever get the feeling you\’ve been cheated???

    • For anyone still following this….
      Just got to put a potential libel straight.

      I don’t book the bands for Rebellion. I don’t make any money out of the bands that play there. I get paid to play there myself and help with getting the festival press.

  24. […] of a pop star. I recommend that anyone who wishes to learn more about Adam Ant read the article by John Robb and the compelling interview by Simon Price. I don\’t know what the future holds for Adam Ant, I […]

  25. Well, firstly I have to say judging by the length of his comments I’m flabbergasted that David J Harris can accuse John Robb of having too much time on his hands! Jesus Christ! Secondly, I can’t help thinking that all these diatribes against Adam and John are bordering on something a little creepy; I suspect that he has some kind of crush on/obsession with the pair of them, what with all this naming of song titles, video posting etc. And thirdly, dunno which punk gigs you’ve been to, but I have seen countless people sporting Adam Ant patches/logos on their leather jackets over the years, including ones by anarcho bands such as Crass and Conflict, so to suggest they aren’t a punk band is bullshit! Also, don’t forget that the sex pistols were a manufactured band whose image was composed entirely by malcolm mclaren, and that all the people youve mentioned, Iggy, Lydon etc, did not give a hoot about selling out, they wanted to be rich, successful rock/pop stars but just chose to express themselves differently to people like elton john and mick jagger, it doesnt mean they were any less ambitious. And yes, fifty quid for a ticket IS a bit much, but at the end of the day you were still willing to pay were you not? I was at the same gig and thought it was great, extremely brave to see adam returning to his roots. As for it being shambolic, well, aren’t punk gigs meant to be to a certain extent? Swearing at the audience, shoddy musicianship, are these not punk rock trademarks? Is adam ant NOT a punk in your eyes????

  26. Great article – and totally on the money from my perspective. I saw Adam play live in Brighton last night and I’d say his rehabilitation continues apace and 2011 continues to bode well. Adam Ant @ The Concorde 2, Brighton on 16 May 2011 – full set of photos here: httpss://bit.ly/iVhVX3 Review (of sorts) here: httpss://bit.ly/l1grd0

  27. […] recent events in the life and times of Adam Ant, it is almost impossible not to feel a slight twinge of panic as the change-over time between […]

  28. […] the triumphant Spring tour which came with great reviewsAdam Ant 2011 photo by Nigey B, Adam Ant returns this autumn for part 2 of the […]

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