TV Smith ‘Coming In To Land’ – Reviewed

TV Smith “Coming In To Land”

UK Release – Boss Tuneage Records
German Release – Drumming Monkey Records (DRUM10-1) Available now

TV Smith’s musical heritage precedes him at every turn, no matter what he does the references to his past dog his every interview and review.

The fact that the point in time is now some 30+ years ago seems irrelevant, the fact that Smith has gone on to release a fine body of work, that he often tours in the most honest and exposed fashion; himself and a guitar seems lost on many. Smith’s experiences on the road have now formed the basis of two truly heart warming and often hilarious books ”ËœGetting There’ and ‘How To Feel Human‘ which attempt to explain why Smith is still out there forging a career when the majority sadly just don’t care.

Maybe Smith himself has become a little weary of everyone else looking back, because on ”ËœComing In To Land’ Smith has created perhaps his most urgent release, an album that has clear links with ”ËœCrossing The Red Sea’ but which also demonstrates great development and displays just what a gifted songwriter Smith is.

Smith has assembled a band who are also linked to his past; Vom Ritchie (Die Toten Hosen ”“ who became his backing band for the 2001 album ”ËœUseless’), BB Quattro (Suzi & Los Quattro), and Tim Cross (former Adverts member) however there is no room for nostalgia here; this is a real chugger of a record, its punchy, cleverly constructed, and allows for the inclusion of instruments that many a listener might not of expected including synthesizers, accordion and brass; these work particularly well on ”ËœTrue Believers’ which begins with a riff not dissimilar to Eddie Cochran’s ”ËœSomething Else’ followed by an interesting squelching sound before Smiths soft timbre cuts in, lyrically the entire album is familiar stuff ”“ Essentially Smith railing against the injustice of the modern world, dealing with consumer society, the exploitation of the masses, and the inability of the masses to obtain the truth “Even though were fine, upstanding and strong ”“ most of us don’t even know which side were supposed to be on” from ”ËœDeactivate Autoslave’ perhaps the track most similar to The Adverts.

There is no ranting, Smith writes intelligent cohesive lyrics ”“ at times they appear light hearted ”ËœComplaints Dept’ begins with what could be Lee Evans one-liners “This circular came through my door, it was square ”“ so I complained” or “My red rose tattoo turned blue ”“ I complained”

The album just made me smile; the music is fabulous, at times it fair fizzes along, at times its darkly brooding, even melancholic, yet is so damn catchy ”“ it draws you in but then the lyrics bite; a really accomplished release.

If Smith was able or fortunate enough to garner some mainstream press support then with the right push this release would propel him into the public consciousness; ”ËœTrue Believers’ could easily grace any national playlist ”“ correction SHOULD grace any playlist, at which point TV Smith would have come into land.

1. Worn Once
2. Tue Believers
3. Probably
4. Complaints Dept.
5. Man Down
6. Us And Them
7. Deactivate Autoslave
8. Headhunters
9. A Trouble To Yourself
10. Dawning Of False Hopes
11. Coming Into Land
12. No Message Please

For more TV Smith, read the LTW interview following a Washington DC gig prior to the release of ”ËœComing In To Land’

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