The Cure play their first three albums at a gig

I guess you need something truly spectacular nowadays to make this ‘playing of an old album’ an EVENT.

It seems like every band under the sun is out there playing their classic debut or career high point record. Great if your a fan, but hardly worthy of a mention in the real world.

The Cure, though, have just gone and trumped everybody.

Last week in Australia they played all ff their first three albums. In order, and as the classic three piece with almost original bassman Simon Gallup doing his descending four string best and still doing the Burnel crouched walk, also long term drummer Jason Turner was in there until they brought long estranged former forth Cure man Lol Tolhurst on late in the set on keyboards to go to four.

Stripped away of all artifice our spies tell us that the Cure sounded amazing and more vital than they have done for years. It was also a reminder of what a potent force they were at the beginning; from the neo Buzzcocks pop rush of their debut album to the gloomy post Joy Division workouts of ’17 Seconds’ and Faith’.

Back in the day they were a very ‘John Pee’l band, an artsy, smart band who played with the form and were very much a key part of the post punk period that they have been written out of in recent years after being called Goth instead.

All we need now is for the band to add ‘Pornography’ to the set and it would be perfection, the dark dense and, ok, more gory ‘Pornography’ was a magnificent record. I saw them on all their early tours and that was the best. The gig at Birmingham Odeon was dark, dank, powerful and strange. It felt like we were living at the end of the world but we had the great sound track for it.

Then the eighties came and it all went a bit to jolly for us…

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  1. The Cure *did* play the whole of Pornography together with Disintegration and Bloodflowers on the Trilogy tour back in 2002. Now *that’s* heavy going…


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