So it looks like the anti Thatcher sentiment is getting behind Ding Dong the Witches Dead, which is heading for number one.

A Facebook based campaign has encouraged people to buy the song from the 1939 film version of The Wizard Of Oz to commemorate or mark Margaret Thatcher’s death and it is now number one in the Amazon chart- in fact there are now two versions of the song in the top 10 at the moment.

1. This must be the first time that an anti song is heading up the charts after someone famous has died- usually the charts are clogged up with songs by the artists or songs reflecting the death in a positive way- I can’t think of a time when a song was bought celebrating someone’s death and was headed for the number one spot ever.


2. Initially it seems odd that no-one is rushing out to buy Ghost Town by the Specials or another of the great anti Thatcher songs from the period.

During her lifetime Margaret Thatcher inspired a wide range of songs from prominent musicians protesting her policies. The Specials’ “Ghost Town” and The Jam’s “Town Called Malice” both were #1 pop hit singles in opposition to Thatcher’s view of the UK. Some artists were even more direct such as Elvis Costello’s “Tramp the Dirt Down,” UB40’s “Madame Medusa,” and the English Beat’s “Stand Down Margaret.”

Instead of buying one of the classics people a rallying behind a joke song which is very much a modern phenomenon- being driven by a one line twitter joke that went round after her death that then became a facebook campaign. The track going to number is a triumph of social networking and an interesting reflection on how out of control the modern media is- ten years ago the media would and could not have allowed this to happen.

3. Bizarrely the track looks like it could be number one during the week of the big Thatcher funeral- it will be interesting to see how much radio play it’s going to get- will it get  played in the chart countdown?  will it be the first number one to not get played on the radio since the Sex Pistols God Save The Queen? It will also be interesting to see how the Daily Mail reacts- the right wing newspaper seems to have convinced itself of Thatcher’s mass appeal and popularity (oddly TV figures of special programmes on her are getting low figures) and is shocked by any dissent. If you think this song is trivial as it heads for number one then check the Daily Mail’s frothing coverage of her death with anti BBC articles raging against ‘too many mentions of the poll tax riots and the miners strike’ to even George Alagiah getting a whole headline piece for, apparently looking like a ‘spiv’ in a grey suit, in one report.


4. Critics are saying that the track heading towards number one is obscene but is it any more obscene than the public being asked to spend ten million pounds on the security of a funeral for a leader that over 50 per cent of them hated?

Why not just give her a family burial so the people who loved her can grieve in private? Why are large sections of the public whose lives were ruined by her being asked to pay for the security at the funeral in the middle of a deep recession for someone who ruined their lives?

5. It’s ironic that for someone whose favourite song was How Much Is That Doggy In The Window but oddly inspired some of the great songs of all time like the aforementioned Ghost Town that it seems quite fitting that her death will be marked by a novelty song.


6. Ironically Wizard Of oz film producer, Victor Fleming, is described as “violently pro-Nazi”, and strongly opposed the United States entering World War II. He was opposed to anything British, and very much hoped the Nazis would invade the United Kingdom following the Fall of France according to Wiki

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Award winning journalist and boss of Louder Than War. In a 30 year music writing career, John was the first to write about bands such as Stone Roses and Nirvana and has several best selling music books to his name. He constantly tours the world with Goldblade and the Membranes playing gigs or doing spoken word and speaking at music conferences.


  1. my song ill dance on your grave mrs thatcher was wrote from the heart overnight its gone up to 90,000 on you tube but dosnt get any press whatsoever not because its shit its not it great but because people like billy bragg (the guy that is still great friends with lord kinnock the guy that sold the miners down the river and billy bragg the man who met and loves the queen with a passion)isstill out there
    fuck thatcher fuck billy bragg i,ll dance on your grave mrs thatcher you bet i willhttpss://

  2. Not entirely sure you pub is representative of the population Steve, but you already know this of course….

  3. Well, hard to say how many hated her I guess. But no more than around 38% of the population ever voted for her party at the time. And I have to say that the overwhelming majority of people I know certainly hated her!

  4. Robert Wyatt / Elvis Costello’s ‘Shipbuilding’ is the finest evocation of that era, in my opinion. Like Ghost Town, it doesn’t have to say anything critical of the politicians to get its political message across.

    Two Tribes, too. 9 weeks at No.1 – a protest song at its core.

  5. I loved Thatcher – I loved The Wizard of Oz – I love irony – I love how all these leftist clowns are making themselves look like muppets having parties in the street. May the silly song get to Number 1 and may Lady Thatcher be laughing her head off that some people think its going to upset people. Pfft.

  6. Radio 1 refused to play Iron Maiden’s “Bring Your Daughter (To The Slaughter) when that reached number 1 (early 1990’s, I think). Their argument was that no one wanted to hear it, despite it being number 1 in the charts that week.

  7. ‘Leftist clowns’ dance around in the street, ‘Rightist clowns’ organise a ceremonial £8 million pound funeral. Each to its own, I guess.

    • Lady Thatcher was 87, had dementia and left her role as Prime Minister 23 years ago. These “people” celebrating that a person has died are just plain evil, with not a thought for her family and how they might feel at this time. And yet they believe that they have a right to dance in the street, smiling and popping champagne corks? Wow. At the end of the day, love her or loathe her, she was a tough unforgettable HUMAN BEING who has a right to be treated with some respect on her death. Just like any other person.

        • I’ve read Morrissey’s ill-mannered rant. It was about as thought provoking as the time he said he wanted to shoot Robert Smith. I’d like to take that tree he had hanging out of his arse pocket many moons ago and shove it down his Quorn and lentil munching screech. That’ll learn him the utter tool. Love his music but perhaps I’m banned from listening to it seeing as I stand to the right and eat meat. The silly tart…

  8. I find it ironic that the evil which thatcher instilled on our country has made “us” the peopke we are today in that we now live in turbelant and angry times due to tory policies hence the vitreol and hate being shown at her time of death..dont forget she and her “spitting image”puppets of a cabinet caused the hste in the beginning..from poll tax,housing, ireland, falklands, hunger strikes etc etc to me what she did was Idinduce this hate in the first place so now thats all we know amoungst the lower/working classes. The funersl is going to cause more hate and vitreol its something that goes hand in hand with maggie, riots and offence looks like it will happen not that I condone any extremities. .but honestly can you see next week being a quiet affair..nope ..just lets hope that no one gets hurt on her behalf..afterall hurt is what she thrived on.

    • I read your piece Darren but I’m affraid I don’t understand it. It’s very easy to point the finger of blame at one individual especially now that she is dead. Very brave indeed. You blame her for how you are today it seems. It’s her fault for everything. It’s her fault that the celebrators of her death are so ill-mannered. I very much doubt it.

  9. Thatcher never listened to the working class then, so why would her family be upset about what I think? Only a moron wouldn’t have been expecting an outpouring of joy at her death. My opinions are just as valid as anyone else’s, and it’s my right to express them. Anyone who wants to silence the cheers which are heartfelt is guilty of fascism. So you sit in your corners, fascists, while we dance in the streets.

    Just waiting for Blair to die next.

    • I was actually going to compliment you on your fine speech Matt until I read the last sentence.
      You’ll have a long wait I fear.

  10. I know there are more worthy tunes out there but the moment I heard the news my first thought was “the witch is dead” and that tune popped into my head.
    When I got home I looked it up on youtube and played it several times. I don’t do Twitter and hadn’t seen the FB campaign so wasn’t influenced by any social media.
    Yeah it would be great if Ghost town or others went to number one, but the title of that Wizard of Oz tune is enough for me to get the message over.

  11. Rather like the labour MP’s not turning up for today’s debate this campaign is cheap and insulting. insulting mainly to those failed by MT. The labour MP’s are there due to tony Blair a man built by thatcher, if they felt so strongly they shout have turned up and debated as is there jobs. buying DDTWID reeks of people who only know like the easy insult, cheap abuse. Putting Ghost Town to number 1 would be much more appropriate it might at least suggest the nation knew what happened. shipbuilding is the track i have played most over the last couple of days. both tracks FEEL right.

  12. Love the irony of sticking it to Thatcher by filling Amazon’s and Apple’s tax avoiding coffers, one day we’ll get it…one day.

    • Bet your computer is made by you from bits of wood fro your garden Mr. Swine and not an Apple of a corporate company!

  13. Absolutely amazing…. The BBC (and the Top 40) play endless amounts of crap: Songs that are offensive to women, to gays,and much more besides… A thick bimbo like Katy Perry can offend the gay community by pretending to be a ‘lipstick lesbian’ and then imply that rape is OK (‘I wanna be your victim’ in the words of ‘Extraterrestrial’… Yet a song about someone who caused real hurt, damage and division isn’t allowed to be heard? The BBC plays dross like LMAFO, Maroon 5 and that dreadful ‘Barabara Streisand’ (the horrible ‘dance’ tune, not the actual singer!)yet they refuse to play what the (working class) British people really want or think? I reckon old ‘Auntie’ is covering its own backside after the dreadful Savile mess… The Beeb were cowards about that, and they are still cowards now…

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