thumbs up or down for Facebook?
thumbs up or down for Facebook?

thumbs up or down for Facebook?
thumbs up or down for Facebook?
Unlike some of the more serious issues around Facebook like the fact they are now on the stock exchange or FB can actually use your images and posts for their own and future use unless you state otherwise is quite alarming, so here’s some every day groans about the traits some of us have cultivated on the world’s most popular net-working site, and how it can annoy others

1. on line persona’s

Don’t be fooled by on line persona’s, I say that due to falling for one my self as I once thought I found Shaun Ryder on Facebook and so sent a message asking for an interview. He gave me a real nice reply saying thanks but no thanks and followed it with a few other messages. I must admit I did think it was him at the time but about 10 days later I had an interview with his brother Paul and the first thing he said when he picked the phone up was “that Shaun Ryder on your Facebook, that’s not our kid, he wouldn’t even know how to switch a computer on never mind use Facebook”.
I sent a reply back to ‘our Shaun’ telling him that he ‘had been busted and for all I know he could be a she, an old biddie from Bolton, who knows?…. but I do know your not Shaun Ryder’, people from all over the world thought it was though posting stuff on his page to which this person would answer now and again, as Shaun. About 2 days after sending the message they were gone, obviously spooked enough to give up their on line rock’n’roll deception, Paul also stated that Bernard Sumner on my FB was also a fraud and it was this that made me realised how easy some ones on-line persona can be hijacked by anyone.

2. ‘please’ like my band

Networking is now central to bands and artists being recognised and if your in a band and don’t have a Facebook page your living somewhere in a cave in outer Mongolia. Its the first point of contact for any aspiring artist or band, how many times have you heard some one in a band say “were on Facebook, check out our page, its all on there”. Right now its safe to say there’s more bands and artists than ever which means Facebook is awash with groups vying for your attention which is all good- but its when you see the ‘please like my page’ posts it makes me cringe, not exactly rock’n’roll is it?. One post I saw recently was “I’m a manager of a group and we need likes on our page so if you like my page I’ll like yours back, fair deal wouldn’t you say”, yeah!, if you were 10yrs old maybe. The other thing is when you go on most bands pages you have to ‘like’ their page before hearing getting to hear their tunes, which is kinda funny really.

3. holiday snaps & pictures of your dinner

Again sharing pictures and images is another advantage of Facebook and a fantastic way of seeing for your self what your friends and fellow FBer’s are up to, from people you went to school with but not seen since then to pictures from gigs and shows like the recent Heaton Park shows where many people have posted some great shots of the gig.
Unfortunately sometimes the images are of mundane things like somebodies dinner or fry up. I once saw one of someones post of a scab on their leg, why would you share that?. Harking back to the days of dodging your next door neighbour so you didn’t get cornered into going through their holiday snaps of that year’s visit to Filey are now gone as you now get it via FB. Whats next?…updates on people’s bowel movements! you don’t have to share everything with people you don’t know

4. bragging rights

One ‘brag post’ was by a girl I know locally posting ‘ in bed right now in my hotel room in NY with *%*^…Ooooh that’s the door better answer it……Oh champagne…just poured a glass and it’s lovely, will send more updates soon’- you could say it was in jest but knowing who the person was I know she was being quite serious as she wanted everyone to know she was in bed in NY. Jealous…yeah a little but it’s the way people post such posts that makes me laugh.
Actually posting as your life is happening is fine but only to a certain degree. The destination posts that state where you are normally used only in ‘nice or cool places’ as no one ever owns up to being in Pound-land or brags about sitting in the job centre by posting their where-about’s, its only the places they want you to know there at, which is a statement in itself really.
Photos again are in there with ‘celeb pics’ being the standard on line badges of honour replacing the good old ‘autograph’ and are sometimes quite funny. For instance when someone sticks the dreaded i-phone in Noel Gallagher’s kite while someone jumps next to him for a pic he some times looks the other way like he’s looking for his car to make a quick exit leaving a pretty sorry image. I know a lad who met him in a clothes shop and asked for a pic, just as he took it Noel moved away so he was resigned to showing everyone in the pub his picture of himself and half of Noel Gallagher’s shoulder.
It’s the done thing now and I have pics myself of people I’ve admired for their music because it’s great to get a memento of the time you met your fave artists or actors but some people collect them like Panini football stickers and love nothing more than getting them on Facebook. I feel for the poor ‘artist’ and bet people like Noel Gallagher rue the day they came across mobile phone’s with built-in camera’s.

5. gig & party invites

Facebook can be a great way of checking out ‘whats on’ up and down the UK but its the amount of them and endless line of invites to gigs both you and they know you wont go to. The best invites though are the ones you get sometimes from overseas. I had one not long back for an invite to a fashion show in New York which was the end of that week. Did they really think I’d be jetting over to catch a glance of the lastest threads of the Big Apple on a non giro week?,…probably not but they’re sent all the same.
Also when the same people for the last year have been sending you invites to go to their club night or whatever along with others that do the same it just becomes a choir of constantly knocking them back because if you don’t you get their updates on who is playing bass guitar for ‘The Paper Boys’ or how much drinks will be, least you cant say ‘I never get invited anywhere’.

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Award winning journalist and boss of Louder Than War. In a 30 year music writing career, John was the first to write about bands such as Stone Roses and Nirvana and has several best selling music books to his name. He constantly tours the world with Goldblade and the Membranes playing gigs or doing spoken word and speaking at music conferences.


  1. I’ll have to admit the grammar in this piece was atrocious! I found it hard to read. A mix of too few and too many apostrophes.

  2. Jeez! Who gives a F**k!! No wonder FB is so lame if this is the level of debate!

  3. Alan, your F*ck doesn’t need capitalising. Not unless it’s someone’s name. ;) This debate has made me do LOLs!


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