FOLC - Kick Out The Virus

FOLC - Kick Out The Virus

Spanish independent garage-rock label launch a new compilation to raise money for health services fighting Covid-19.

Last week we announced the initiative set up by a group of independent Spanish labels to raise money to buy gloves for health professionals on the frontline of the fight against Covid-19. Today, one of the bands who joined under the banner of Music For Gloves, FOLC Records, has announced the release of a new download compilation to raise further funds. This comes on the day that the Music For Gloves group released a photo of the first batch of gloves bought from the proceeds of their downloads.

FOLC Records message reads:

Hello friends.
Here we come to ask for your help and your contribution to see if we can all contribute our grain of sand to this situation and help in some way the health sector that has been doing so much work since all this madness began.

We have made a compilation of the groups to which we have released albums in recent times. We set a deadline of January 2019, to stop sometime, but in some cases they are previous songs, because some bands, when we told them about the project, wanted to appear also with previous recordings, or have provided us with unreleased recordings. We cannot be more grateful to all the bands that have not hesitated for a second to join this initiative. We are very proud and happy to have them in our family.

We imagine that you will wonder where your money will go. We have been talking to public health workers for a while (who are doing so much for us) to see where we consider that our help will be more effective. We will keep you duly informed, of course, but you can be sure that every euro earned with this will be destined to help some important need on the part of the health sector.

Just 7 € for 33 songs, but if you want to pay more, you can do it when paying.

33 FOLC Songs To Beat The Virus – Fantastic Garage Rock compilation album out now

The 33-track compilation features some of the label’s best releases from the last year and a half, licking off with Mudhoney’s Ritzville from their Pedazo de Pastel release for the label. Alongside some of the best Spanish rock ‘n’ roll, there is also a clutch of UK bands that the label has worked with, including MFC Chicken and King Salami & The Cumberland 3.

You can check out and, more importantly, download the album here.

The full tracklisting of the compilation Kick Out The Virus!! is:
1.- Mudhoney – Ritzville
3.- Los Coyote Men – Can She Cook?
4.- Thee Blind Crows – No Money
5.- The Midnight Kings – Antrona Girl
6.- Dan Wilson and The Counterfactuals – 20 Greatest Hits
8.- La Perra Blanco Trio – Misery
9.- MFC Chicken – Waste of Space
10.- Blue Moon Marquee – As I Lay Dying
11.- Terbutalina – Está Vostede Aquí
12.- Greasy Grizzly – Quiero Ser negro
13.- Thee Cha Cha Chas – Worried Sick
14.- The Continental Quilts –Come On
15.- Ben Vaughn QUINTET – I’m Just Saying
16.- HIPBONE SLIM with SLIM CYDER – Jibber Jabber
17.- Juanjo Zamorano – Haz el Favor
18.- Peralta & Sid Griffin – Older Guys
19.- Los Deltonos – Ahora
20.- Billy Bremner’S ROCKFILES – Born Fighter
21.- Familia Caamagno – Un Día Espectacular
22.- The Breadmakers – Magic Touch
23.- King Salami and the Cumberland 3 – The Pulpo Dance
24.- HIPBONE SLIM AND HIS CROWN TOPPERS – Throw a Stone, Hide Your hand
25.- Dr. Maha’s Miracle Tonic – Boogie Mama
26.- The Northagirres – LaLaLa LaLa LaLaLaLa LaLaLa
27.- Lie Detectors – Me Gusta la Calle
28.- Hendrik Röver y LOS MÍTICOS GT’S – Luego (No Es Ninguna Hora)
29.- Radio Explosion – En la Cuerda Floja
30.- SEÑOR NO – Caramelo Relaja
31.- El Gobierno – Tú Eres Quien
32.- The Oddballs – Desperate (alt version)
33.- Pablo SOLO – Thank you

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All words by Nathan Whittle. Find his Louder Than War archive here.

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