E6653C59-F3DD-40FB-9B4F-9914CB87D771We are shocked to hear that one of the major talents in UK pop culture and one of the leading voices of a generation, former singer with Eurovision winners Bucks Fizz, Jay Aston Colquhounis,  has been selected as a candidate for the Brexit Party.

Can she not see the irony in being a former Eurovision winner and now embracing Brexit? What are her views on the UK or England once Scotland goes its own way, entering such a competition that embraces Europe and all the funny folk that live there? Like a sun burnt ‘ex pat’ voting for Brexit whilst living in Spain Jay Aston is biting the hand that fed.

She will run to be an MP in the London seat of Kensington, currently held by Labour. In terms of modern politics which is now showbiz for useless people she joins Ann Widdecombe in the slightly baffling stacks.

Bucks Fizz won the Eurovision Song Contest 1981 with their song Making Your Mind Up, and Ms Aston Colquhounis was in the band from 1981 to 1985.

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  1. “In terms of modern politics which is now showbiz for useless people”

    I laughed out loud at that one, it’s perfect.

    Then I remembered the damage they’re causing.


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