3 Hundred and 65 Project for The Teenage Cancer Trust

3hundredand65 is a graphic novel, created on Twitter, one day at a time & it’s in aid of The Teenage Cancer Trust. Read on for more details about the project plus some excerpts.

There’s a fantastically inspired and innovative project going on @3hundredand65 in Twitter Land at the moment. At #3hand65 the hearts and creative minds of hundreds of people are coming together in the hopes of raising awareness and funds for The Teenage Cancer Trust.

It’s an amazing concept whereby the bare bones of a graphic novel are being forged, one tweet at a time, from a different person each day over the whole course of this year, hence the name 3 Hundred and 65. After each tweet is posted, the main man behind it all, Dave Kirkwood, then gets to work on creating an accompanying illustration to embellish the evolving story. It’s a huge commitment but one that he feels is certainly a lot less arduous than being a teenager going through cancer treatment. No arguments there.

And what an achievement it’s shaping up to be, it’s only May and this phenomenal project is really starting to take off. Initially setting off by word of mouth, this journey founded out of good will, is gathering impressive momentum. In the last few weeks some prominent people in the media world have started to lend their weight to help highlight this great cause. Tweets have been made by the likes of Tony Paul Way,
Longfella, Jeff Noon, Daystar Band, Mutineers, Clint Boon, Tim Burgess, Bill Bailey, Stephen Fry, Ian Rankin, Katy Brand, Irvine Welsh, and David Baddiel. As a testament to how quickly events transpire on this 365 adventure, just after I’d made my first submission of this article, Jonathan Ross stepped in to take the sword from the daily tweet stone and by the time he’d finished wielding it he had it ”Ëœactually, Raining Men.’ Never, ever a dull moment so I asked if I could resubmit! Stephen Roche and Charlie Higson have confirmed that they will tweet in July and the 365 team are open to any other offers which will help to propel them further into the public eye.

It’s so collaboratively fascinating, especially now that certain celebrities are choosing to jump on board to create real opportunities to get this story and its plight out there to a wider audience. Ultimately, the goal is to help make a real difference in the lives of people affected by the devastating impact that cancer can have on them, so the more people on side, the more chances of raising vital cash and awareness for The Teenage Cancer Trust.

The twitter story is a rich template from which Dave will illustrate, and fellow project creative, Dom Conlon, will write the final body of work as a comprehensive graphic novel once the tale concludes via the final tweet on December 31st. The fact that it’s being weaved together by so many minds is creating some really interesting twists and turns. Some of it, at times seems bonkers and really out there, then there’s moments of glory where it really lifts off and starts flying. It’s been nothing if not a learning curve for Dave and Dom. The evolution of the project has called for them to adapt and step in somewhat to inspire more collaboration from the tweeters and readers to keep it within the realms of understanding. It’s a massive task but this is what makes it so interesting and spectacular. The events as I have interpreted them so far paint an epic landscape of a mysterious and futuristic, sci-fi, time traveling, body morphing, love story (?!), that catapults back and forth on a quest leaving you wondering where on earth it will go next. The recent input from a few comedians is splashing the proceedings with dash of quirky humour too. Who knows what will happen between now and the end of the year, it’s impossible to predict where it’ll end up but it’s certainly an exhilarating and intriguing ride. Take a look, watch it unfold, maybe even get stuck in!

3 Hundred and 65 Project for The Teenage Cancer TrustMay 3rd ”“ Clint Boon @therealboon

“To escape this chaos” said Cope “To
leave here.” A million colours
suddenly embraced them as she
said “Then come with me, I leave

3 Hundred and 65 Project for The Teenage Cancer TrustMay 16th Tim Burgess @Tim_Burgess

“Eh, done what?” He said looking
up. “What they said was impossible sir
”“ they have finally travelled through
time. Finally”

New Year’s Eve will see the last tweet tweeted so the 365 guys want to hold a huge celebration at the Manchester Velodrome, 3000 tickets are hoped to be sold. It’s only a strong maybe at the moment, a desire to push the potential further. It needs people to make it happen, people inspired to come together in the spirit of unity and revelry to raise money for the charity. People from the entertainment industry such as bands,
DJ’s, comedians and poets are needed to attract guaranteed ticket sales. There’s a flurry of activity behind the scenes but there’s still work to be done to pull this feat off, you in? What an awesome party it could be.

Whether you silently follow 3 Hundred and 65 on twitter, make suggestions and comments on the story’s progression on their website, tell your friends, buy their merchandise, pre order the book, or even quite importantly, make a donation (see the website for details), it’s all good. You’d be helping to make a difference too. Not bad for a bit of social networking, ay! And, it’s never been done before, how exciting is that”¦

3 Hundred and 65 Project for The Teenage Cancer TrustMay 22nd Bill Bailey @BillBailey

Future-side in the Kardashian system,
Stephen Dreyfus, the sentient coypu,
sighed, and muttered ”ËœTourists..’ and
thought-dialled The Captain.

3 Hundred and 65 Project for The Teenage Cancer TrustMay 23rd Stephen Fry @stephenfry

The Captain’s thought-mail inbox was
full and replied “I think I’m out and
believe that I’d like you to leave a
message. Just a thought.”

3 Hundred and 65 Project for The Teenage Cancer TrustMay 24th Ian Rankin @Beathhigh

Lad and Cope were inside time now ”“
inside *all* of time. Cope said. Close
your eyes and mind,’ Cope said. ”ËœToo
much time is worse than too little.’

If you want to find out how Katy Brand, Irvine Welsh and David Baddiel have inspired Jonathan Ross to release his prophesied Raining Men then you can head over to their website. They’re on Twitter too: @3hundredand65 & use the hashtag #3hand65, and Facebook: 3hundredand65 and if you’re an iBorg, sorry Apple user, there’s also a really cool free app you can download from the App Store. Enjoy!

All words by Sonj. You can find more by Sonj on Louder Than War in her author’s archive.

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