‘Rock Off Fibro’ charity CD inc Theatre of Hate, Spizzenergi, The Membranes & more is launched;

LTW: What was the inspiration behind you putting together the “Rock off Fibro” album?

Initially, David Williams asked me to help organize the bands to play @ ROCK OFF FIBRO 2, an event in Buckley. I agreed immediately, as I’d had such a great time last year. I play in Expelaires & XLerators & both agreed to play the event.

Just after agreeing to play it , another friend, Andrew Forcer, said he wanted to write a song about his battle with Fibromyagia & also to thank David for setting up the charity. So Andrew wrote the lyrics & then the XLerators “found” some music to fit to the words. Plans were then made to debut the song at the event & get David’s wife Jackie to come & sing along with us on what is now “ROCK OFF FIBRO!”. I then thought it’d be nice to be able to release the song after the event, & thought if I asked the artists who’d played at the event, we might get enough songs to make a mini LP. Expelaires obviously were a yes & all the others agreed too! What happened then is friends in other bands then came forward offering us tracks!

LTW: Were you surprised at how many bands offered to help with the album?

Without sounding trite, no, because the alternative music scene is full of amazing people . But having said that, the level of support has been awe inspiring & what we’ve ended up with is a fantastic 36 track double CD. The cover star, in homage to The Smiths, is Jackie Williams, the wife of the charity’s founder & it was designed & painted by Andrew Forcer. We created a label “Monty Moo Records” for what I hope is just the 1st volume of a series of CD’S.

LTW: So who’s on the album then?

We’ve got track from great bands such as Theatre of Hate, Spizzenergi, The Membranes, Ferocious Dog & Evil Blizzard, classics from the likes of Dave Sharp & Skeletal Family, Remixes from Crazy Pink Revolver & Grooving In Green ,even tracks recorded specifically just for the CD.It also includes many other great bands too!

LTW: Where can people get hold of it?

There is an exclusive event to launch the CD on Sunday 5th August @ The Rigger, Newcastle Under Lyme, nr Stoke. Some of the bands on the CD are playing with the fantastic THEATRE OF HATE headlining. Tickets are £10, the CD is £15 & people can get the CD along with a ticket for just £20. Shop

From Monday 6th August, the CD will be available to order online & all the details of this will be on the “ROCK OFF FIBRO” Facebook page, in addition the CD is available via the ROF Bandcamp Page

All the profit goes to Rock off Fibro, which has now set a goal off raising enough funds to open the UKs first Fibromyalgia and chronic pain centre, working with local GPs and Medical professionals along with Welsh Assembly members, community groups.

LTW: What is Fibromyalgia?

There are over 130 Symptoms related to Pain, Neurological, Equilibrium, Sleep, Vision,Congenitive difficulties. Very little is known about the illness and the chemical imbalance between the Spinal cord and the Brain. Because of this signals are sent to nerve receptors all over the body to open to their maximum state, which in turn leads to excruciating pain all over the body along with many other symptoms.

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  1. Massive thanks to everyone that has backed this album and giving up their time to help behind the scenes.
    Thank you John Robb for giving us this opportunity to shine online.
    Thank you for giving us a space to raise awareness and allowing us to
    Speak for those with this incurable illness.
    I’d also like to say thank you from all those suffering for believing
    In what we are doing.

  2. David Williams is an absolute star for all he has done. Martin Aylward is nothing short of a legend for all he does! As a Fibro sufferer I just want to say a huge thank you, too those guys especially but also to anyone who has donated or played or even put a pound in a bucket for such a great cause!

  3. Thank you so much for raising awareness about Fibro. For my fellow suffers it is a daily battle just to function. It is such a boost to know people such as yourselves are working so hard to bring this incurable and debilitating illness into the consciousness of more people. Just because it can not be seen it is nevertheless a disability that destroys lives of people like myself. Music is a life line and often one of the few things that can help make us feel like our old self’s. So Thank You. Xx


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