2:54 – 2:54 (Fiction Records)
Available 28 May 2012

London-based sisters Colette and Hannah Thurlow follow up critically acclaimed EPs with their debut album, tipping their hat to shoegaze and grunge while creating a soundscape of their very own.

This album breathes. It has a motion so natural that it’s doing it effortlessly. 2:54 have a bright shoegaze undercurrent,  Much of that is the dreamy, harmonised vocals which hold this record together and make it something special.

Post punk drums and bass, swathes of guitar and the wonderful singing…but not in a nostalgic or plagiarised way at all. This is the way things should be, mixing the past with the present and making something fresh and new.

Press play and you get a burst of strumming guitar and fast drums that, slows and flows into the opener ”˜Revolving’, music to sit back and listen to. It’s deceptive this album. It’s a lot harder than I felt on first listen. The voices are gentle, blissed out and melancholy. The music underneath isn’t. It’s the vocals that you feel first as they are the very essence of the sound, but underneath there’s the threat  of violence. It’s in turn uplifting and then very menacing.

It’s deceptive in it’s lightness the first time you hear it. It creeps up on you and you realise why they are named after a specific point in a Melvins song. You can hear influences, but they are just that, an influence, none of the songs sound like the Pixies…but they’re there. The same for Sonic Youth, Joy Division and the spirit of Grunge lost long ago.

It feels like a summers day light and airy, flowers blowing in the breeze across a meadow and a thundercloud drifting closer and closer.

Heavy as a brick wall collapsing and as beautiful as a butterfly flying past. This album is all contradiction, and it bloody works. Let it into your ears and you will understand what I mean.

All words by Adrian Bloxham. You can read more from Adrian on Louder Than War here.



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