Stone Roses Heaton Park stuff for sale on ebay

you couldn't even bottle it...oh hang on someone did...

you couldn’t even bottle it…oh hang on someone did…

All manner of weird stuff from the Stone Roses gig at heaton park is on sale on ebay from bottled ‘atmosphere’, muddy socks and Ian Brown’s trainers.

The bottled atmosphere is receiving bids of up to 600 quid, I wonder if it smells of piss and churned up park mud.

Loads of memorabilia from the legendary concert is up for sale on the site including VIP passes, tickets, t- shirts and pin badges. The most bizarre is the bottled atmosphere which is bottled in a urine-sampler container, bids on the ‘awesome atmosphere’ have now reached over £550. According to the item description on ebay, the atmosphere was collected around 10pm on the opening night. The seller, thepotman0161, posted: “If you weren’t lucky enough to be one of the 22,5000 people who soaked up the awesome atmosphere at the homecoming gigs, here is your chance to own your very own piece of Mancunian history. “The atmosphere was collected at around 10pm on the opening night, and is sealed in an airtight container. “This is (as far as I know) the only example of ‘captured atmosphere’ in existence. ”

Might sell Reni’s socks then…


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