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  1. Tweets that mention The Big Society- what the fuck is it! Francis Maude, Tory bigwig, is put on the spot and asked about his contribution | Louder Than War --

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by john robb and Louder Than War, Louder Than War. Louder Than War said: The Big Society Francis Maude is put on the spot and asked about his contribution | Louder Than War httpss:// via @louderthanwar […]

  2. The big society is about cutting jobs and replacing those much needed services with unpaid volunteers, this is happening at the Citizens Advice Bureau. Those unpaid volunteers some of them, not all of them are desperate for paid work. All Maude represents is a ruling class, asked how he volunteers he just vents lies,dont let the toffs get away with this barbarism on honest poor working people.

  3. This interview has just about summed up these woefully out of touch b@stards – im so glad that prat was put on the spot and failed miserably to account for himself or to lead by an example that he wants us to follow without question , the whole big society concept is just a veneer for a very draconian agenda if you ask me – charities and the voluntary (theres a clue) sector services have always had volunteer provisions and as stated above they are ususally doing it as a way into later offers of paid work . Its just a way up dressing up their overall plan to have an illiterate,unhealthy and poorer society that is forced to ‘volunteer’ or face reduced benefits or the dole beiong cut – like the lottery – it could be you !!!! or me…..why did they vote them in ???? shame .

  4. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    This lot make me yearn for PFI… awful backdoor Thatcherism with a friendly face. All Dave did for 4 years was ride arround on his bike looking friendly and green and some people forgot to never ever trust a tory. Doh!


  5. in my neighbourhood we have made a cooperative to replace council housing services.

    the council charge a hundred quid to change a light bulb. 8 members of the housing dept earn over 50000 quid

    stuff ’em. we’ll do it ourselves at a fraction of the cost.

    yes. cuts. hooray. cut the parasite bastards off.

    freedom. freedom for blairs tyranny. from his illegal wars. freedom from his gross thievery.


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