a3916000254_10Spaceship – Fields 2: from the sea to the moor via the forest and the stones

Release date 25th September

Forged River

Spaceship here time travels to document a moment in time, preserved in a feeling, recorded in sound

Spaceship is one Mark Williamson, sonic adventurer, megalith hunter, rural wanderer, teacher and recording artist.

Fields 2 follows a diverse and fascinating musical journey that Spaceship Mark began with the release of the debut Spaceship CD on Julian Cope’s Fuck off & Di record label. Mark was also a contributor to Cope’s essential ‘The Megalithic European’ book and here we can see the connection to the stones in this new albums title.

The sounds and atmospheres of Spaceship have evolved dramatically since that initial release. Site-specific recording is now a major factor in marks work. Fields 2 is a definite move away from the rock action of earlier releases, a transition towards a more sensitive and subtle approach to composition and production.

The synergy between chance and place and the seamless conjunction of field recoding and active performance here is wonderful. The palette used including the sounds of each site, along with an iPad creating Improvised drones, a portable speaker and alto recorder, all joined together and finished with a light touch postproduction exercise back at home.

‘The Oldest Tree in The Forest’ is the piece I keep returning to, an enveloping sound from deep within a the magical space of the forest, a sound poem to an other than human life that has lived to experience and grow over generations. Spaceship here time travels to document a moment in time, preserved in a feeling, recorded in sound.

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