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1. The cads won.

Despite Ian Duncan Smith. Despite the tearing up of the NHS. Despite David Cameron. Despite everything the Tories did. They won but the only winner has been the politics of fear. Negative politics are in the upper hand in Europe and the UK – it’s not what you stand for. The british public proved that it remains transfixed by cads and prefects. Now the battle for the leftovers locked outside the corridors of power is about the survival of the NHS, Europe, how Labour can survive, Scotland and increased austerity – that’s what the people have voted for.

2. The debt corpse
Labour has still not recovered from 2010 and it’s too easy to burden them with the myth of the burden of debt. Economic impatience. When Ed denied the national debt on the TV debate you could feel the earth move – was that the moment that defeat came? The corpse of the economic collapse not actually caused by the Labour party was still stinking in the background and all Cameron had to do was drag it back out into the public eye instead of saying what he actually stood for and get the round of applause from the Murdoch press.

3. Blame the Lib Dems
The Tories somehow managed to shift everything they did that wasn’t popular onto the cowering Lib Dem elfs. The public perception somehow took it out on Clegg’s party and they are out in the wilderness. Maybe for ever. The collapse of the house of cards of the Lib Dems was inevitable. The day they went in with the Tories they signed their own death warrant. For five years the Lib Dems looked like rabbits strutting in the headlights of power – the swots getting to hang around with them cads and the bullies. Somehow they ended up getting the nodding blame for everything whilst Cameron smooth skinned prefects emerged scot free from the wreckage of everything.

4. Bacon sand which politics

It’s not what you stand for it’s how to you eat the sandwich. The Sun front cover of Miliband eating that sarnie said it all about the media and the power of perception. In the end no-one believed in Ed. Because of a sandwich.

5. Ian Duncan Smith….
For fucks sake.

6. Negative campaigning works!
Public Enemy once sang ‘don’t believe the hype’ but people do. Especially if it is served with lashings of negativity.
When Cameron was told by his slick PR spin team to roll up his sleeves and pretend to look concerned and do that shouty voice thing and repeat the negative mantra he turned the corner and started to win. The British public roll over like dogs with their genitalia in the air when the posh class shout at them. They love those stern well trained voices. It makes them know their place.
The Tories didn’t even have to have an agenda. It’s not where your from it’s where the other side are perceived to be at. The mantra of blame wins votes.

7. The shifting nature of the UK
The old party allegiances are breaking down – Labour was the party of working people but in these times when people either think they are too middle class to be working people or the ‘new selfish’ when it’s other people who are too blame for everything how can a party of unity and care work. The poor and broken are now labelled as scroungers and it’s always someone else fault.
Scotland bucked this trend with the SNP – a party that went to the left and won seats – partly because of the nationalistic ticket and partly because of the leftward leanings that many people yearn for in the Labour party. They were also seen as an anti establishment party in Scotland feeding into the anti Westminster vive. Ed did go left but it’s a complex country now and many different people want many different things from the Labour party. Perhaps Manchester would have been happy with a more left leaning labour party but other Labour areas would have resisted. The question now for the party is what is Labour now? What is it for and who it for? The big question for the next leader now is which direction can they go and with who.

8. The new niche
In the internet age politics, like culture, is about micro scenes and niches exaggerated by intense online debates that underline and reinforce the micro issues. One issue politics and opinions dominate the debate.

9. Post politics?
Austerity politics has broken the spine of former idleiastsic parties – the rich get richer and the poor get poorer – once that was seen as criminal but now is seen as normal. The Tories somehow rose above this debate – it seems like people prefer to be servile to their gods and masters.
What is Labour now? What does it represent? In the post industrial age it has to adopt to a new world without letting go of its core values. How are Labour going to speak to its complex flock – the big cities and the Welsh valleys remain staunch but Scotland looks pretty well gone and the softer seats that Blair won are going to take some winning back and someone needs to create a coalition of the left and near left to somehow appeal to these increasingly diverse ideologies and geographical wants and needs.
How can it communicate with the increasingly breakaway south east of England or the northern voters who are starting to drift towards the politics of fear of UKIP. Somehow the poison of the post politics age – the idea that ‘they are all the same’, ‘they are all corrupt’ seemed to taint all the other parties and not the Tories – maybe because everyone expected the Alan B’Stards of the Tory party to be like that but not the others.

10. Murdoch
Miliband stood up against the Murdochs and got burned. We live in a media sic fi dystopia where grim faced press barons and media moguls still dominate the agenda. That won’t get any better.

11. The new nationalism
Sometimes it feels like every field in Europe is going to be a nation state. In the new micro niche age everybody is getting their digital flag to wave and Europe is fast beginning to resemble one of those maps from those history books about the middle ages. The future could be a complex squabble of small nations hanging together in the patchwork of the Euro state or it could also be about the city states. London will be the true winner of the new mood – Scotland will become independent but does London really care? The city states are already breaking away, rising above the mini state squabbles. Scotland will be leaving but sometimes it feels like London has already left. If the SNP is now the voice of Scotland are the Tories now the voice of SE England?

12. Non voting
15,738,205 ballot paper remained unused. That showed them eh!.
Of course the system isn’t perfect. You can understand the disdain with some of the political class and the perception of the broken system but sitting around, getting stoned and not voting just helps let the Tories in. The right will always unite and vote for what they don’t believe in. It’s all about power for them. The left squabble, bicker and argue because they have ideology and beliefs. Non voting seems to be the last refuge of the idealist – of course the system is fucked and broken but opting out doesn’t make it better. No-one believes that voting is the be all and end all. It’s a very small increment and doesnt say you believe in the system. It should be the start of engagement and not the end of it. Vote but keep a questioning mind. Even Russell Brand worked that out in the end.

13. Ed didn’t do populism..
In X Factor/Top Gear UK that kind of crap wins votes. Ed Miliband thought ideas would win the day but that’s not enough in the 21st century pop culture Instagram tweet of politics. A place were Farage’s pretending to be the genuine pub raconteur or Nicola Sturgeon’s common touch dominated the agenda. Mass media made Ed seem to remote, too easy to mock, too easy to ignore.

14. Austerity don’t work…

But people still voted for it.

15. Green surge
A million plus votes – will the Greens turn into the new Lib Dems, will they be a radical pressure group on the declining mainstream parties, is this a blip or can they create an effective party machine without losing their core ideals?

16. negative campaigning…

The minute David ‘Adman’ Cameron rolled his sleeves up and did that pretend concerned face and rolled out the negative campaigning mantra it all started to shift.

17. UKIP
Initially people thought the fishy kippers would dent the Tories but they also dented Labour and even if Farage didn’t become and MP and stood down he knows as well as everyone else he will be back at the helm within weeks. The Euro word stumble to the right continues to dent old world politics.

18. The NHS is over
That’s what the public seem to have voted for. The powerful have already sold parts of it off by stealth and whether it ends up in the hands of a Richard Branson or some other grinning money bags entrepeneur is almost bolted on inevitable. The Tory mate’s cleavers are being sharpened now. Ronald MacDonald is preparing to name hospitals after themselves. There is money to be made out of the ill and the sick can be blamed for the ills of society as well as their own. We are are living in a non caring world where the poor, the sick and the weak can get blamed for everything. Shall we tolerate this? No. Do they care? No.

19. Where does Labour go from here?
Is this even worse than the eighties? In that dismal decade bland music ruled the airwaves and Thatcher seemed to last for ever and ever. Election nights were a joke – shouting insults at the TV and not expecting anything but an endless Tory Reich. It feels like that now – can Labour ever get back? It could be worse though, like it is for the Lib Dems – they have Labour’s problems multiplied by a million.

20. The next labour leader
They need to get this right. Will Labour take time to work out the next move or react quickly? How do they make the party work in the 21st century? Will it be a Tony Blair style roots and branches change and swing to the centre. Will they stand and fight? can they survive?

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Award winning journalist and boss of Louder Than War. In a 30 year music writing career, John was the first to write about bands such as Stone Roses and Nirvana and has several best selling music books to his name. He constantly tours the world with Goldblade and the Membranes playing gigs or doing spoken word and speaking at music conferences.


  1. God, I wish I’d written that as it sums up exactly how I feel about it today. Did the future of our country come down more to how a man eats a bacon butty rather than any party policies. Scary.

  2. David Cameron got in because he promised people a referendum on whether we continue to lose control of the borders and form the “United States of Europe”

    Those people who wish to FORCE the idealism of “One World No Borders”… cannot then pretend to be “Louder Than War”, since they back an ideology which will lead to World War Three.

    People are bored to stupification of the lies that are told to them, by the “One World No Borders” idealists…. They don’t want the dictatorship of the Left. They want free speech back again, and they want to vote.

    David Cameron knew this. And that is why he won. He played the most important card in the game. He gave power to the people.

    Whether he makes good on this promise, remains to be seen.

    • Louderthanwhat, That is truly one of the silliest comments I have seen on the election result. David Cameron got in because he ran one of the most negative campaigns in electoral history. He stood for nothing.

      What is this fear of Europe that people have? Little Englanders waving their plastic flags, scared of Europe. Maybe they prefer a world of warring nation states that all hate eachother. The anti idealists, the right wing war mongerers, the religious right wing lunatics with hate in their eyes. People are bored of lots of things but I don’t hear any of them saying they are bored of
      “One World No Borders” idealists – in fact I’ve never heard anyone mention that before. And as for brain washed by the press! how does Murdoch fit into all of this?

      And as far Cameron giving power to the people – don’t make me laugh. he represents the bosses who enslave the people with cheap promises, bread and circuses and the ultimate opiate of them all – religion.

  3. Ah “Joe” thank you so much for giving me a very good example of the Dictatorship of the Left… so kind of you…
    What a generous hearted individual you must be. I’m chuffed.

    Ok – so here we go.
    1) “this is truly one of the silliest comments that I’ve seen” Please notice the Dictatorship of the Left’s penchant for insults.. to quote the song “nobody does it better.. ” False accusations do have an effect however.. just ask the cowering police who whimpered,” well we knew that thousands of children were being groomed by gangs, but the Dictatorship of the Left would have called us racists if we’d tried to stop it.” The just love to accuse.. so thanks Joe.

    2) What is this fear of Europe that people have?
    So… allowing our population to increase by an average of four million a year.. without having the infrastructure to cope with it, is now called “fear of Europe” is it? Round of applause for another feature of the Dictatorship of the Left. They’re not the brightest bunnies in the field are they? Bless.

    3) “you horrid horrid people who all want to go to WAR”… (throwing toys out of pram).
    The last person that took us into World War Two had the One World No Borders vision.. yes folks.. our favourite socialist.. HITLER… Just think. Hitler wanted all the stuff that was mentioned in John Lennon’s “Imagine” and Lennon hadn’t even been born, yet alone been mind-controlled by the occultitst-her-indoors… into writing that One World Anthem… Amazing really.

    4) “I don’t hear them saying they’re bored of the one world idealists”…
    Well… you don’t hear them saying it because they’re rolling around on the floor laughing their sweet heads off, amazed at the innocence of the gullible .

    5) “How does Murdoch fit into this?”
    No idea. But then… who really does take in the mainstream media these days… After all, they knew about Savile for years and sat on that knowledge until given permission to reveal it as if it was news. Catch up with things “Joe”.

    6) Cameron represents all kinds of bad things, as do the people who pull his puppet strings.
    But that’s not the point.
    The point is that he is offering people the chance to vote on whether we will become part of “United States of Europe”…
    However, if we vote “No” then vote will be rigged into a “YES”, .. possibly… but
    Cameron knew that people want the chance to have the power to dictate their own future. Hence “power to the people”.

    The conflict that lies ahead of us is between the “Haves” and the Have nots” The Left are going to try to pretend that its not happening.. and polish their halos, humming “Imagine” to themselves. And the Right are going to acknowledge the war and increase the void between the Haves and the Have not’s in our own country… for reasons known only to themselves.

    The sensible way ahead does lie in a humanitarian ideal, advised within the words of Jesus, but Joe.. you have to read them .. before you can really sneer at them properly.
    Too much of a wuss to do that?
    Too scared those words that changed the world will effect you?
    Yeah.. thought so.

    Okey-dokey.. back to the Nostalgia Museum then.

  4. “The right will always unite and vote for what they don’t believe in. It’s all about power for them. The left squabble, bicker and argue because they have ideology and beliefs.”

    Because lefties somehow have a monopoly on morality, John? Because anyone who’s not a leftie has no scruples and no ‘beliefs’..?

    I think you should take that, back, Sir.

  5. Terrifying how many utterly selfish people there are around to vote in these people. The I’m Alright Jack mentality abounds, indeed is rampant. So, so depressing.
    So, Cameron promises a ‘good life’ (measured, no doubt, in purely monetary/materialistic terms) to those who ‘do the right thing’. Don’t, though, whatever you do, become ill, disabled, be poorly educated, be made redundant, or be or become marginalised in society.
    Terrifying to think what they have up their sleeves for the next 5 years. Further attacks on and victimization of the vulnerable goes without saying, but scary to ponder exactly how.


    nobody says it better than Peter Hitchens. As an ex-extreme Left person, he knows exactly how those evil fuckwits used mass immigration to destroy what they (and presumably Mr Robb) see as wrong in UK society…
    How DARE the extreme Left use people (immigrants and the host society) as playthings..? How dare they play games with people’s lives. How dare they enforce their social experiements onto us?

    The Conservatives are not good people, but they are better than these idiots who have the arrogance to try to destroy the UK, by using people who just want to live a better life..

    As Peter Hitchens says.. those same people are living in shacks, and sheds and exploited terribly.. What exactly did the Dictatorship of the Left, gain? They don’t gain, and we all lose.

  7. Oh dear the right seem to be as sneering as ever. Just like Cameron all they can do is run a negative campaign even on well read message boards like this. Like their hero Katy Hopkins. “louderthanwhat’ doesn’t even use their own name, preferring to hide whilst making confused garbled comments.

  8. Ok “Joe” … I’ll try and speak in very clear words, to make it simple for you…. Here we go.
    “The Right” are who exactly?
    You think that the “United States of Europe” followed by the One World government was some idea cooked up by Left Wing Trustafarians? Or wannabe anarchists who live off the wages of long suffering girlfriends?

    Not so.
    Who said this?
    19th Sept 1946…. “We must build a kind of United States of Europe.. but I must give you a warning… Time may be short.”

    A few years later, in 1949, when the USE was sorted… he said,
    “The skeleton structure of the One World Government must be clothed with the flesh and blood of the living organism… the United States of Europe”

    Who said that? Winston Churchill.
    And to pander to your quaint little ideas about left wing and right wing, I’ll make it easy for you… He is right wing.

    It was a genius move to “re-sell” the idea to the 1960’s Marxists, some of whom may possibly be your pals .. “Joe?” Let them down gently .. if you ever do tell them that they were “played” by the Establishment.

    Best not to really… after all.. there’s nothing worse than an Elderley Pagan Punk discovering that he, the Emperor, has no clothes…

    Quite a nice mental image though.. hmmmm…

  9. As Peter Hitchens says… the extreme Left wanted Mass Immigration to change society, because they hated all things British… they hated the calm conservative orderly society as “middle class”.. they hated Christianity, they hated the very fabric of what was once the British world.

    So they decided to change it… via Mass Immigration. Not because they cared about those people who were seeking a better life in the UK, but because they knew that a sudden massive increase in the population, would change British life beyond all recognition, and it has.
    Better still… they started a witch-hunt. If the indigenous Brits said, “Ok.. we’re full.. We don’t have enough social housing, jobs, places in schools to go around now… so it has to stop”… then the Dictators of the Left started to scream “Racist Racist.” This inquisition has no teeth now, but it did for many years. Keep in mind, however, that the Fake Left don’t actually have enough of a moral compass to care about racism, and when REAL racism raises its ugly head, they are less than useless.

    The point of the manic screaming of “racist” by the BBC, is because they want to re-gain some appearance of morality, after the Jimmy Savile scandal..

    Perhaps this is why UKIP mysteriously got so much recent coverage…. they were useful to have around, so that the fuckwits could dance around yelling “racist racist… look people .. we do have integrity… racist racist… look we’re giving him a hard time.. racist racist.”

    And yet the victims of sexual torture behind the scenes at the seventies BBC…. do keep on coming… revealing an organisation that is a stranger to any sort of moral code that most would recognise.

    Back to the original point.
    David Cameron knew that to win the election, he had to offer the British people some way out of dealing. with mass immigration… and so he promised a referendum on whether we should stay in the United States of Europe or not…

    My own feeling is that he knows we are in it .. until it morphs into the “One World Government” so beloved of both Hitler and Churchill, and so that any vote will be rigged in that direction.

    My own feeling is that this means that the standard of living for the majority of Brits will continue to decline, and Cameron knows this and he loses no sleep over it at all.

    He’s played his cards right…. but … I think we know the outcome really.. After all.. This was planned back in 1946.. Do you really think, “Joe”, that our vote, our opinion, counts ? I don’t.

  10. Surely the person in the comments above who is ranting about immigration destroying christianity can’t have missed the point that christianity is itself an immigrant culture – a minor middle eastern cult spread around the Roman empire and forced up the British – a immigrant and alien culture as well!

  11. Hi Daryl,
    Immigration did not destroy Christianity.

    Of course there are always attempts to destroy Christianity, all the time, all over the world – but – the experience of the former Soviet countries would seem to indicate that it is not so easy to kill it.

    Immigration is simply the “have nots” of the world, wanting the kind of life that the “haves” of the world enjoy. Nothing more complicated than that. Who wouldn’t want to move to get a better life? Or to send back cash to those in need?

    The point that Peter Hitchens makes is that the Revolutionary Marxists, decided to USE the reality of immigration.. (NOT, repeat NOT because they cared about the plight of the immigrant,,) in order to de-stabilize society and change the basic fabric of Britain. And the massive increase in population has done exactly that. We have changed beyond all recognition, due to dangerous over population, and we are going to have to learn to live with it.

    Why the revolutionaries decided that they had the right to destroy a calm, ordered society, because it was “middle class”, I’ve no idea.. but I’ll opt for “mind controlled arrogance” as the answer.

    Christianity was part of the basic fabric of Britain, for many years, and certainly the particularly beautiful emergence of freedom of speech, social justice for the poor, real socialism, and the care of the vulnerable in society, ALL came from British Christianity.

    You may ask why the revolutionary Marxists, wanted to destroy the source of a movement that created better standards of living for great numbers of the population?

    Who knows?

    You may ask why those of limited intelligence give up on following reasoned arguments, by calling them “a rant”..

    Again.. I don’t know.. Too many drugs in the eighties I expect.

    And lastly, you may ask why people hang on to the idea that Christianity is ” a minor middle eastern cult, spread around the Roman Empire and forced upon the British”, without actually doing any research into the matter.

    Again. I really do not know.
    The minor middle eastern cult idea …well.. that was put to death by the international best seller,
    “The History of Christianity” by Diarmaid MacCulloch
    ISBN 978 0 141 02 189 8

    The idea that it was forced upon the British… again.. that was put to death by so many books and researchers, but the best is probably David Burnett in his book “Dawning of the Pagan Moon”.. an investigation into the rise of Western Paganism. ..

    ISBN 1 85424 130 3

    The chapters in Part One “Keep Britain Pagan” are very interesting…. but … possibly a bit of a shock for those who cling onto the idea that Christianity was forced onto people.

    Why do certain people cling on to this idea?

    I think it is because they confuse the Church, (which was a controlling mechanism to keep the poor in order).. with actual Christianity … which is a spiritual force working to achieve a better world.. led by the spirit of Jesus.. and indeed his words, which were not accessible by the poor, until early in the 20th century, when the Sunday School movement taught the poor to read… and when Christians had worked to reduce the exploitative labour of the children in the factories, so that they had time to study and improve their situations.

    So much that is good in British society, is due to the social justice movement of Welsh Methodists, tub thumping theologians, firebrand socialists and the fact that we had the Bible in English, despite the efforts of the church to stop that process.

    Why did the revolutionary Marxists want to destroy that force for goodness, and replace it .. and with what exactly? What is it that they think they can offer?

  12. I’m bored with Louderthanwar now.

    I’m bored with people who don’t read books, who can’t follow logic, and who cling onto view that were disproved time and time again.

    It seems that the people who post here, are in a time capsule, that assumes that if you don’t vote Labour, then you must be the sort of fool who would vote for a party that would remove the ban on Fox Hunting??

    It seems like people on this message board cannot work out that the Labour Party has lost its integrity, and has no concern for those who earn less than £20,000 a year. None at all. To lose control of the borders of our country, meant that those on minimum wage SUFFERED and SUFFERED BADLY.

    I’m so bored with people who don’t understand that.

  13. More people arrived in Britain in the year 2013…. than in the years between 1066 to 1960.

    God forbid that this reality should worry the pretty little heads of anyone who writes for LouderthanWar… a commentary about the election, without mentioning this DEEP concern from the electorate… is about right… just in case some mind-controlled freak jumped around like Zebedee squeaking “bigot bigot”. Don’t what that spoiling the unreality-party.

    I suggest that the LTW team stick to what they’re good at.. music, arts, tired of left wing cliché speak and great photographs.

    Why try and go into a political analysis? As a group of people, you just don’t get it.

  14. Joseph Stiglitz was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics in 2001. His new book called The Great Divide explores income inequality

    But if you want to TRY and “get it” then read this book. It explains why the “Globalisation” (for that read the One World Social Experiment) created this great divide of rich and poor. And how those who studied Economics, KNEW this was going to happen, but told the Pond Life a load of lies.

    And so now the Pond Life are upset, but its too late… People were warning you… people were writing books, going to debates and shouting loudly…. and because these people weren’t punks, but geeks, then you took no notice…. These people weren’t going to pick up a guitar and quote Crass and make shitty remarks about Christians… they’re not that stupid.

    They studied the Economy, they noted the media lies, and they wrote books.


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