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This is part 2 in a series of mixes posted Youth (DJ, producer and of course bassist with the mighty Killing Joke), seemingly at random, as the mood takes him.  All free gratis, no fees or registering malarky required. Louder Than War’s macthehack reviews.

Having started out on Soundcloud Youth now seems to favour Mixcloud, but it’s the same principle – stick what you want online and it’s there for people to discover and listen to.

Along with this series of career retrospective mixes, you can also listen to ambient mixes, dub mixes, a DJ set from the Libertines Hyde Park gig in 2014 and – best of all for the Killing Joke fan interested in Youth’s work – two pre-show mixes from Paris and Brisbane, which will stir a few memories for regular KJ gig-goers.

This particular mix is described as ‘a journey through Youth’s innovative influential career from The Verve to The Orb via Pink Floyd and beyond’, which is a fair enough summary, although regular listeners to Youth’s mixes will know that something by The Orb is rarely far from his record box.

Which is a good thing – given that spacey, ambient dub is a bit of a recurring theme with our Mr Glover.  Today It’s ‘Perpetual Dawn’ the Ultrabass 2 Andrew Weatherall remix to be precise – get it through a good soundsystem and enjoy the internal organ rearranging bass!

Of course the great thing about Youth’s sonic adventures is that he manages to mix up some old favourites with tracks I’ve certainly never heard before.

A case in point on this mix is Angelic Particles (Live) By Hallucinogen, which cheekily borrows the riff from The Cult’s ‘She Sells Sanctuary’.

More predictable, but no less welcome is Youth’s glorious dub re-working of Killing Joke’s ‘Turn To Red’, which is crowbarred into this mix, with a less than perfect segue.  But that’s soon forgiven as it’s one of the best dub readings of a Killing Joke track, of course the original had the ‘Almost Red’ mix, so it lends itself to this kind of reworking.

Even though I’ve heard it before, hearing it in this context reaffirms it as the perfect meeting of Killing Joke’s bleak, uncompromising view into the future and a more spacious bass driven treatment with Geordie’s guitar reshaped into a vicious, clipped, chop – the most spiteful ska riff ever!

If I’m honest, this mix does run out of steam a bit in places for me (not sure about Maria McKee, sorry) – but that’s being a bit churlish.  Better to focus on Peter Murphy, Mark Stewart and The Verve, all superbly re-imagined in a chill out groove by our very own Dread at the Controls.

But the best thing is, this is a month old – and Youth’s already uploaded part 3.  With a new Joke album about to drop and tour dates in Britain and North America to follow, not to mention, his regular production work, you really do wonder: where does he find the time?

But we’re very glad that you do Youth!


For all Youth’s Mixcloud uploads go here Youth on Mixcloud and to keep tabs on the man himself, check out his Facebook.

Killing Joke are on tour from 25th October, visit their webiste here for details

All words by macthehack, part time punk (retired), sometime freelance scribbler on music, sport and television, when not trying to hold down a day job. Jaundiced views and biased rants available on an irregular basis atteatoastrockroll.blogspot

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Part time punk (retired), sometime freelance scribbler on music, sport and television, when not trying to hold down a day job. Jaundiced views and biased rants available on an irregular basis at


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