the disunited states of America
the disunited states of America

Post election America has not settled down yet with 15 states talking of leaving the union.

It’s not exactly a groundswell of opinion and no major moves have been made yet to leave but there seems to be a small whiff of a move to leaving the union-

If this ever came off and became a serious campaign would they be able to leave? would it be like Scotland leaving the UK?

What would a future America look like? a collection of different countries from Spanish speaking California, to a christian middle belt to a more European East coast?

the disunited states of America
the disunited states of America
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  1. You are joking with this, right? The story you link to says “Citizens in 15 states file petitions to secede from United States”. So it’s 15 nutty citizens, not 15 actual states, as your post says. So tired of sensational headlines from bloggers & “news” sources who mislead for ratings or hits. You should know better.

  2. I love LTW and everything, but this article is completely inaccurate. It really should be altered or removed from your site. The petitions you mention are nothing more than hype and post-election hysterical reactions made my individuals – *not* states, legislators, representatives, large groups, or anyone with half a brain.

  3. Thousands actually in each state petitioned have signed. If enough sign, it goes to each state senate then the governors. Theres a big chance of secession boiling.

    • This is never going to happen, plain and simple. Do you really think that the federal government will allow states to secede from the union? No way in hell. This is more of an issue of cranky voters whose guy didn’t get elected. Even if they get thousands of signatures, it ain’t going anywhere.

  4. This would not be the 1st time this “thought” came about, b.u.t. is sure would be interesting to see [on a graph presentation…LOL] how this would pan out!!! We jus’ need to come together as people, and work this thang out without all the “well, I want this/well, I want that…” mess!!! Peace…

    • Anybody that tries to call someone who doesn’t agree with this president a raciist is in fact a racist themself. They voted for obama not for his record because it is a failed record but because he is a black man. Actually he is mixed like me but nevermind that. You are the racist. There I said it for everyone everyone that is afraid to.

    • it’s only 4 more years if a GOP gets in there what people going to say let’s leave the union stop talking and acting stupid people hatetrick will destroy you and your country

  5. racisum in full swing. why dont you just come out and say you hate a black president. really what do you plan on doing with the rest of your citizens enslave them?

    • Anyone who calls a person a racist just because they don’t agree with Obama is in fact a racist themselves. Liberals voted for Obama because he is black not because of his record, it failed. Actually Obama is Mixed like me and yes I said what I said so call me a racist and show how foolish you really are. I bet you talk about anyone that doesn’t agree with Obama and yet you can’t say one single thing he did that was good, don’t know or care about any of his policies. You are the racist. Now I said it for all those to afraid or to worried about political correctness to call it what it is.

  6. I think a cessation from the union would be a great thing for oregon/washington/california. A lot of talk over the years about a Cascadia movement (See link below). I think it would be great to seperate ourselves from you bible thumping half wits and go on with our lives in a peaceful, non racist, bigot free environment. Cascadia for the west coast!!!

  7. House divided aginst it self will not stand.96% of the black vote 71% of the Latino vote 73% of the Asian vote he won you hate these people also.


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