14 shot dead at Batman premier

In a tragic piece of art selecting life 14 people have been have shot dead at a primer of the batman film in Denver.

No matter how dark they make Gotham city look it can never get as dark as real life. And real life has no Batman to save us all.

Witnesses say a gunman wearing a gas mask opened fire during a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises.

A man was arrested in a car park nearby in possession of a rifle and hand-gun. He told police that explosives were stored at his home.

There are reports that the gunman also released a smoke bomb during the incident. Many ambulances are at the scene.

A witness told 9News that during a shooting scene in the film he heard loud bangs and a lot of smoke and initially thought they were live special effects put on by the cinema.

Projectiles came through the wall from the neighbouring theatre screening, the witness said.

CNN quoted one witness saying: “A guy slowly making his way up the stairs and firing – picking random people.”

When are they going to do something about the gun law in the USA?


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  1. Another pathetic, impotent, angry little boy given an outlet through firepower. I want to cry.

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