Knox- the tousled haired guitar muncher and the man who put the vibe into the Vibrators has come up with a really cool idea – a rock n roll charity shop.


It’s a place where musicians can dump all the old rubbish and cool stuff that they accumulate over the years and a team of volunteers can sell it – the volunteers will be faces from the music scene and the shop will be a great hang out plus raise money for charity.

It’s in Camden Town, at 96 Parkway, NW1, next door to the Dublin Castle (the music pub). Knox needs stock and volunteers. The money is going to go to the local food bank, abused women, families at the bottom of the welfare ladder, giving kids musical instruments, etc., etc. (No shortage of things to help.).

Musicians have generally got lots of stuff lying around and can donate to the charity shop plus often tons of free time. Knox says ‘ I hope the place will become a bit of a centre and if it does well the idea might spread. You never know, rock ‘n’ roll might save the world!’


You know what to do…


  1. This is such a great idea Knox! I’d like to see one open up in my home town-Cardiff. There’s such a wealth of young and old musical and artistic talent here. I should have a word with Ashley, owner of Spillers Records (the oldest record shop in the world!, ok you knew that..) Anyways, I’m sure this is gonna take off big time!
    Kudos to you knox, have fun!
    Nige Webb. :)


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