11 Paranoias: Spectral Beastiaries – album review

11 Paranoias – Spectral Beastiaries (Ritual Productions)


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Doom metal purveyors 11 Paranoias count ex-members of Rameses and Bong in their ranks and have just released the album Spectral Bestiaries, Louder Than War have been listening.

You may have some preconceptions when you hear that members of Rameses and Bong have come together to make music, they would be right. This is slowed down majesty, doom laden and heavy as a black hole.

‘Cygnus Rift’ starts with steady drums and guitar with the sound of monstrous breathing underneath. The music seems to strain and be waiting for a release, this comes with the huge guitar sound and classic vocal. The sound is wide open, it’s allowed to breathe and grow. The song switches to crushing riffs, growls and drum fills over and over until it fades into nothing. ‘Guardian of the Abyss’ uses samples to start and sounds initially confusing under the guitar but again the sound breaks free and a space rock chaos plays over the track.


‘The Ghost Projector’ is led by a slow, deliberate bass line and almost robotic sounding drums. The space rock has kicked in completely now and you get an almost Hawkwind feel to the track. ‘Turn to Stone’ is stoner rock done to perfection, slow steady and enormous. ‘Unseen Apparition’ is more subtle than the rest of the album, with its blues rock drums and descending chords it is very reminiscent of Sabbath, but takes the sound further than they did.

The best thing about this album is its space. The music isn’t cluttered, it breathes, it is a very organic sound. 11 Paranoias have created a masterful album that really deserves listening to.


11 Paranoias bandcamp site is here, they are also on Facebook here.

All words by Adrian Bloxham. More work by Adrian on Louder Than War can be found here.


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