With the live music scene ground to a frustrating halt, bands and musicians are finding innovative ways to keep in touch with audiences. Like, podcasts! Ideal listening for music lovers who are similarly frustrated at the absence of gigs in our lives right now.

Here are 11 excellent selections to get you started. In no particular order …

Attention Engineer

By Penfriend, the new moniker of Laura Kidd (the force of nature formerly known as She Makes War). She writes: “In a noisy online world, the gift of someone’s attention is priceless.” Laura has recorded 16 perfectly formed Attention Engineer episodes so far, with a very impressive array of guests including Tanya Donelly, Frank Turner, Tom Robinson, and Skating Polly. 

Website: penfriend.rocks/podcast
Listen on: Apple, Google, Spotify

Voices for the Unheard - podcast by Nova TwinsVoices For the Unheard

This one is not strictly a podcast, more of a must-see Instagram live series (with accompanying stunning playlist featuring alternative POC artists) by so-hot-right-now punk duo Nova Twins. Guests have included Divinity Roxx, Connie Constance and Sophie K.


Find on Instagram: @novatwinsmusic 

Red Jumpsuit podcastRed Jumpsuit 

One from across the pond (but what is distance in 2020?), this splendid music and chat podchat is hosted by the mighty Joyce Raskin (from 90s band Scarce) and her pal Seana Carmody (from 90s to present day band Swirlies). They invite excellent, female musical guests along, and devote an hour to shooting the breeze with them – Kim Colletta of Jawbox, iconic photographer JJ Gonson, and Julie Cafritz, of Pussy Galore and Free Kitten. Having had the honour of guesting on this one myself, I can confirm that the pair do indeed dress the part in matching red jumpsuits while they host. 

Website: redjumpsuitpodcast.com

11 Band Podcasts You Need to HearCreative Women in Tech

By Bishi, awesome solo artist and founder of WITCIH, The Women in Technology Creative Industries Hub. The podcast focuses on the women behind the scenes of the music industry, making those sweet sounds happen. Guests have included producer Laura Kriefman, digital artist Di Mainstone, and classical/electronic fusion artist Abi Wade.

Website: bishi.co.uk
Listen on Apple

The Dorising Podcast

Yep, my band I, Doris has a podcast too now, and it is massive fun. Bandmates Doris, Doris and Doris (that’s me) are joined by 3 or 4 musical guests each time, to ‘doris’ about anything we like – and generally that’s themes like being a musician during a pandemic, getting heard as a woman in music, hating Tories, and the weather. Guests so far have included Miss Eaves, Debbie Smith, Karen Amsden of Hagar the Womb, and Steph Phillips of Big Joanie.

Website: idorisband.wordpress.com
Listen on: Apple, Spotify, Google

11 Band Podcasts You Need to HearRock, Pop, Rambles

Indie-disco band Bugeye produce a prolific (27 episode and counting) podcast, giving chatty insights into such topics as songs banned by the BBC, the 808 drum machine, and protest songs through the ages. Guests have included Vick Bain, Caffy St Luce and Jo Caulfield. The band also play their choice of new music by upcoming artists.


Website: bugeyeband.co.uk/podcast
Listen on: Spotify

11 Band Podcasts You Need to HearSo When You Gonna …

By Dream Wife. The aim of the series is to encourage the band’s listeners to start something new, to pursue their creative interests and also to provide advice on navigating the arts and creative industries. Each episode is a one-on-one interview with a different creative, connected with Dream Wife, about how exactly they managed to hone their craft. The band have interviewed friends, collaborators and people whom also inspire them across multiple creative fields. Guests so far have included Estella Adeyeri of Big Joanie, Bishi and Girli.

Website: dreamwife.co
Listen on: Spotify, Google

11 Band Podcasts You Need to HearARXX Us Anything

Band of the moment, Brighton duo ARXX, are set to launch their own podcast. Launching 30 Sept – save the date!



Find ARXX on Instagram @arxxband

11 Band Podcasts You Need to HearPhonin’ With Honan

Bristol musician Nuala Honan works her way through the contacts in her phone, catching up with old friends, “checking in with the sick or self-employed, or just a jolly chat with a charming mate”.


Website: nualahonan.com
Listen on: Apple, SoundCloud, Spotify

11 Band Podcasts You Need to HearDiverse Vinyl

An awesome independent record shop/label in beautiful Newport, Wales, doing excellent work in keeping new music getting heard via their brilliantly chaotic podcast, hosted by Matt, Graham, and occasionally Rhys (from Goldie Lookin Chain). If any customers come into the shop while they’re recording the podcast, they instantly become a guest on the show.

Website: diversevinyl.com/diverse-vinyl-podcast
Listen on: Listen Notes

11 Band Podcasts You Need to HearChips and Beans

Long-running chatty podcast hosted by Bristol DIY punk scene Queens, Bridget Hart and Cassie Agbehenu – covering themes of “sex, friendships, and DIY punk”.

Instagram @chipsansbeanspodcast
Listen on: Spotify, SoundCloud



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Cassie Fox is the founder of LOUD WOMEN, a collective championing women in music through regular gigs around the world, an annual festival in London, a monthly ezine, and record releases. Cassie plays keyboard in Thee Faction, and bass in I, Doris.


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