Belfast punk comes to London : HARP BAR & GOOD VIBRATIONS XMAS PARTY with THE OUTCASTS, THE DEFECTS, XSLF, STEVEN VX & AMI (Brighton)Belfast punk comes to London : 


100 Club London

12th December 2014 

Live Review




Punks came from everywhere for the bands and the Belfast craic…Too much happened to go into detail, here’s the one liner highlights!! For further info ask the guys!!

Christmas Craic arrived at the 100 Club with the Belfast Punks loud, a crowd and ready for an historic night!!!

“Welcome to Belfast in London”… was there actually anyone from London as the crowd was made up from people who had travelled from just about everywhere… and so the Belfast banter continued all through the night.

The Weather Bomb was the first obstacle to get over but disappeared just in time for the bands and fans to get their flights
The Clink or the ‘Clash Hostel’ was perfect for a bunch of mad punks up for a special weekend.. once we found it!!!….think it’s that way… or is it that way!!!

Day Rider Punks, lol!!!  Note to punks.. buy an Oyster Card next time!!!  Remember back in 78 you use to leap over those turnstiles … couldn’t do that now, lol !!
The 100 Club, Charlie is our leader, we are easy led…. After a stopover at McD’s to line our tummys we made our way to the Legendary club and a quick photo session under the famous door cover.
The Bands Rider.. Quickest disappearing act of the weekend!!   Cartoon size bottles filled with a wonderful array of booze!!  2 x1.75L of Vodka, I x1.75 of jack D I x 1L of Brandy , Hooley missed that one 1X !l of Desarrano , About 4L of Gin I ten glass bootle Jager , I bottle of Rum… for starters!!! See those bottles in the rider… looks like big cartoon bottles!
Merch galore! Lots of tshirts DvD’s, Cd’s on sale.. Limited t-shirts to celebrate the gig going on ebay soon.. so treat yourself.. all sizes available.. just message The Harp Bar, Belfast for the link..
How much are the signed posters!! £2.. going on ebay soon!
Hundreds of packets of Tayto Cheese & Onion and soda’s made their way to the Merch stall for after!!!  Thanks Al, Packy and Stan!
DJ’s Belfast boys..James & Eric kept the soundtrack of the Harp Bar going all night with those Good Vibrations.
Buttz TV..DVD… watch it all over again!  The DvD will be available in the New Year. So keep a watchful eye on the guys face book pages and the Harp Bar page.  Also, links on You Tube thanks to Tony Guinn.
AMI (Brighton) babes opened the night..  The youthful AMI played an amazing punk set for ones so young… obviously in the blood with Charlie Harper (UK Subs) grandson on guitar. The drummer age 13 ish could just about see above his drums, but refreshing to see and hear the young take control as the opening act…no one could dispute their professionalism, talent and energy.  Loved them.
Steven VX…2nd Generation Harp Bar punk hits 100 club.  Young Steven was raised on the Harp Bar classics and played a brilliant solo set with all the energy from 1977.
For Terri…’As I was lying in a hospital bed.. Rock n roll nurse going to my head’…After ending up in hospital, Teri unfortunately didn’t make the gig but he was with us in spirit and we raised a glass to Terri to get well soon!
XSLF.. ‘where’s Jim’ !..Looking for Jim and Ave!  After trouble checking in at the Clink ..looked like making Jim and Ave late for their stage time, but what a fantastic set played!
Alternative Wasted Talent with…Brilliant vocalist David Kirk of said band took control of the mic in more ways than one assisting Henry and Greg, lol!!  He sang a great version of Alternative Ulster with the guys.  One of the best.. more please!
The DEFECTS brought Hill Street and the Harp Bar to 100 Club.. great to see the guys play together again with Dukie for one night only… Move over Buck..Dukie’s arrived!!!  After Buck reclaimed his position front of stage The Defects played their classic songs with a great version of ‘Londons Burnng’ great gig guys. You never disappoint.
The OUTCASTS… Good Vibrations living legends and stars from the movie take the stage after Greg sorts out the line up.  That’s 5 times now!! Get off my f•••••g stage, lol!!   Any Outcasts tshirts!! Lol!  Anyone actually from London!!  Lol!!  Always good banter from Greg, the music always fast, proud, punk and perfect.  Always giving a first class performance.

The Bands set, crowd, atmosphere, merch, new friends, old friends, photos brilliant.  Have done too many reviews of their sets in the past to go over it all again…but it just gets better… tonight was no exception and was all about the fans and the Belfast craic..

Spillage, riot free zone at the bar… Not, lol!!  100 Club, get your bar staff in order, lol!!
War Stories… Paul Bowen from The Starjets joined in with the craic.. thought I knew him from somewhere!!  Great to meet you Paul and love the new War Stories video.. check it out on You Tube,
All I seem to say is ‘You need to push it down hard’….(the button that is, when taking a photo!!)  Think i’ll stick to be behind the camera, love to catch the crowd who make the effort to be there and create such a great night for everyone.
Racing Rick Shaws Belfast style!!!  The chosen transport back to the hostel for some drunk punks.. seen racing up Oxford Street at 2am, hilarious!
Big kebabs! Shared with the footpath and a pair of trousers.. impossible to visit London without having a kebab.. best way to end an evening.
Camden Town … Best place ever!  Belts, Brothel creepers…Furs coats…Food…bargain
Breakfast in Camden!..Can I just try before I buy.  Just about tried everything, then PC Plod Jim Riley arrived in the bar impersonating a Police Officer with ‘You’re nicked’!!  What a show, lol!!
Looking for Amy!  A few of us made the pilgrimage to find Amy’s statue.. such a fragile figure, tiny but a perfect place for the queen of Camdem!
Hawley Arms!  A few quiet lunchtime bevies.. well it was before we arrived.
Time Out
for everyone …Arsenal, PIL, 02 Argy Bargy, Opera, Curry galore. Hastings
Ann to Jim Reilly…‘What you doing in Waterloo East.. You should be in Hastings’ !!! But they made it in the end.
PIL..Johnny Boy… I’ll have to put my glasses on to see ya!!   Encore…Anger is an Energy was the best and the crowd danced all night!! Great venue at the Indigo 02
Last Night cap in the Clink with everyone and Georgie!
The lost bag….To a pub in Camden in a Belfast accent….”Eh…. A bags been left under one of your tables!!!”  All checked out of the Clink…and bag retrieved !!
Other quotes fo the weekend….

What’s needed is a nice wee cuppa tea
Lets get the No 63 to save our legs
Non-edible Oysters!
Steaming specs, ha ha! Pubs all steamed up and could see no one!
The red phone box..If the Clash can do it so can we, but they didn’t have poo!
Latte lunches..yes please, just to keep ya going.
Bucks doing his face…shaved and ready for homeward bound
Best weekend ever!! If I’ve missed anything let me know!!!
A great weekend had by all!  A big thanks Charlie and Georgie.. Superstars  … roll on the next one!!
Mo xxx

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  1. Thanks for writing this up, came up from the South Coast for this and wouldn’t have missed it for the world – all the bands were excellent, the Outcasts perfect and the crowd great too. A top night


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