Better late than never eh?

September is always the month for musical madness as the industry leaps back into work mode after festival season. So with that in mind, here are Septembers 10 new bands from these very ears…

1. Hyde & Beast – Another quality Sunderland export that has rave reviews from 6 Music, Amazing Radio and even the Boxer Rebellion’s Piers Hewitt played them on his radio show on Phoenix Fm. Comprising Neil Bassett (Ex – Golden Virgins) and Dave Hyde (The Futureheads) their debut album ‘Slow Down’is a retro infused treat that would be a shame to miss out on…

10 new bands for September 2011

2. Crystal Stilts – I only came across them after the release of second album ‘In Love With Oblivion’ released on Fortuna Pop records this year, which is an absolute corker. They offer a retro garagey feel and Brads vocals have been compared to Ian Curtis’ on more than one occassion..

10 new bands for September 2011

3. This Many Boyfriends – These guys are finally gaining the recognition they deserve through recent single ‘Young Lovers Go Pop’ with airplay on BBC 6 Music, a spot in NME and The Guardians ‘new band of the day’ feature. Personally, I love their no mess indie-pop sound..

10 new bands for September 2011

4. Outfit – When you talk buzz bands, none come stronger than Liverpool’s Outfit. They’ve just released debut single ‘Two Islands’ on trendsetter label Double Denim and it’s worth listening to every drop of the 6 minutes and 20 seconds..

5. Other Lives – All the way from Stillwater, Oklahoma, not only do they share a practice room with Colourmusic (another band I adore) but they have released one of the most stunning albums I’ve heard in years in ‘Tamer Animals’. This crowd of talented multi-instrumentalists offer brooding indie folk in the mould of The National and Fleet Foxes. Seriously not to be missed.

6. Caged Animals – Gutted to be missing these guys live at the end of the month, they’re flying over from New Jersey to do a set of UK dates in support of latest single Teflon Heart. For want of a better description The Guardian said their sound consists of ‘dreamy, crooned ballads over synthetic beats’

7. Lanterns On The Lake– This isn’t the first time I’ve questioned what they are putting in the water up in the North East at the moment to lead to such an explosion of amazing new bands. Lanterns On The Lake are one of said bands, and combined with the loveliesness of the Bella Union label have created one of the prettiest sounds of the year.

10 new bands for September 2011

8. Love Inks – There is nothing more refreshing than the simple sound of pure unadultered indie-pop, stepping into the shoes of bands like Chairlift come Texas three piece Love Inks. Listen to Blackeye, I defy you not to love it..

9. IceAge – I recently went to Islington Mill to see them after reading a few hyped reviews and boy was it an experience. At approximately 19 minutes duration it was probably the shortest and LOUDEST gig I have ever been to, a cursory glance around the venue showed people with hands over their ears.. Raw danish punk at its finest, albeit darker in live form than on the record.

10. My Tiger My Timing – My first foray into national radio at the awesome Amazing Radio doing their roundtable lead me to the discovery of these guys through their single Endless Summer. Light, electronic and a little bit woozy, it works for me perfectly.

10 new bands for September 2011

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