ZoiD: Selected Zoidworks 05 – 12 – album review

ZoiD: Selected Zoidworks 05 -12 (Invisible Agent)
Out Now

Fine experimental electro-jazz collection from ecclectic composer/producer Daniel Jacobson, Philip Neeson listened to it for us.

Dublin’s Daniel Jacobson is the real life person behind ZoiD, a free-spirited jazz-tinged electronic wizard. After releasing ZoiD vs the Jazz Musicians of Ireland Vol1 back in 2007 he took a hiatus for some crucial traveling and meditation€.

Now he’s back with Selected Zoidworks 05-12, a selection–€“ as the title suggests– that Jacobsen has had present about his person for the last seven-or-so years.

Opener ‘Aerosol’€™ is a smooth-and-groove beginning to the album that reminds me of something Funki Porcini would create (another rather fine electro-jazz enthusiast). Next it’s ‘Proph’ which is more about the 4/4 beat like the early Warp sounds of someone like B12; all 2am dreamy-ambience and friendly semi-industrial beats. ‘Acid Leaves’ ft. Bruce Morley€™ is heavier, like a clash of Squarepusher-esque bass shoots and drum & bass, all featuring yet more jazz samples, obviously.

‘Obelisk’€™ is full of falling-down clickbeats playing off some top jazz-guitar licks. In a way, and typical of the album, both elements are busy doing their own thing, existing in their own totally separate atmospheres yet at the same compliment each-other perfectly. Meanwhile ‘Cember’ features firing objects of distortion and programmed-and-played-around-with jazz drum sounds.

Plenty of really enjoyable stuff going on here. And if you happen to get the time to check it out you honestly won€™t be disappointed with what you hear.

Daniel Jacobson AKA Zoid is on Facebook and Twitter.

All words Philip Neeson. More articles by Philip can be found here.


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    New Album: ZioD – Selected Zoidworks 05-12. Daniel Jacobson has created something new and original, organically splicing the two with his own compositions, sometimes seamlessly, sometimes with a jarring dissonance, but always stronger than the sum of their separate traditions. Out now on Invisible Agent Records, available on Amazon, iTunes, Google, Bandcamp, LastFM and 30+ other stores

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