WATCH THIS! trailer for upcoming XTC documentary…

xtc_express_in-300x300XTC were an amazing band.

Their journey from quirky misfits in the punk wars to pop perfection is one of the greatest in pop and the amount of ideas and invention they crammed into their songs is breathtaking and they are one of Louder Than War’s favourite bands – we even saw them play a gig once which is a long time ago as the documentary explains they came off the road a long long time ago.

This is a must see for anyone who loves pop music at its most creative.


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5 comments on “WATCH THIS! trailer for upcoming XTC documentary…”

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  1. Tim Saunderson

    When is it out?!

  2. Video has been taken down/removed from YouTube. ☹️

  3. Gerard Mc Cavana

    To say that this is long overdue is the understatement of the pop world. I hope Andy, Colin et al get much deserved publicity from this….and the path cleared for a much needed dvd package to boot!

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