WATCH THIS! exclusive of new Shaking Chains video – revolutionary new video…

16387128_1666047813695123_611705206677321647_nFirst written about on LTW a few months ago Shaking Chains have been causing a stir with their brilliant dislocated music – a continuation of the Wonk they were pioneering as the great frazer king – a band that were such a profound influence on Cabbage. Frazer King may have split up but the core of the band have returned as Shaking Chains and it’s brilliant Stuff.


Not only that they have made this bizarre and brilliant new video – a whole new way of making video – check it out at this link….


It’s a different video each time. Quite a unique idea.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 01.11.00Long term readers of LTW will know how much we have been big supporters of Frazer King – the long lost Manchester band whose maverick musical genius somehow fell between the cracks but paved the way for Cabbage who are big fans. The band sounded like no other – polka crashing into post punk and into doowop.

When they fell apart we shed a tear so it was with a joyful cheer we heard an early demo of Shaking Chains as we wandered around Glastonbury one rain soaked night. A year later and the band have readied their debut single and its two killer tracks. The big change is that band frontman Nathan now plays bass and the vocals are deep resonant voice that sound like a synthesis of  the Nightingales Rob lloyd and Elvis on the A side and like some kinda Bowie/Iggy duet in Berlin on the b side.

The music is taut and tense and dislocated and drips a thrilling intelligence and sparse claustrophobia and it’s quite brilliant.





The link for the vinyl presale –





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