Top 10 Northern Soul Classics by Elaine Constantine, director of the film ‘Northern Soul’

Lie Dream of A Casino Soul Scene?

Northern Soul is a great new film that comes out next spring directed by Elaine Constantine & below we present her┬átop 10 northern soul songs – check them out, there are some great tunes in here…

Elaine is a brilliant photographer and was a key part of the Manchester scene. She’s a northern soul fanatic and was a friend of Ian Brown during his scooter boy / northern soul days. The film looks like it’s going to be great. You can┬áread more about the film here

1. Lester Tipton ‘It Won’t Change’


Towanda Barnes ‘You Don’t Mean It’


Eddie Parker ‘Gone’


Oscar Wright ‘Fell In Love’


Johnny Mcall ‘I Need You’


Edwin Starr ‘Time’


The Crow ‘Your Autumn Of Tomorrow’


Tony Galla ‘In Love’


The Tomangoe ‘I really love You’


The Carstairs ‘It Really Hurts Me Girl’


The Velvetts ‘I’ve Gotta Find Me Somebody’



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  1. No top ten is complete without Judy Street and What

  2. sorry, But you seem to have only 1 out of ten that I like, why not leave it to a vote, let the Soul Punters pick them. Keep the faith….

  3. What? Where’s the Three Before 8? Long after tonight is all over by Jimmie Ratcliffe…Time will pass you by, by Tobi Legend and I’m on my way by Dean Parrish ? No Snake no. Out on the floor. THESE are Northern Soul Classics. Keep the faith

  4. None of these would be in my top ten, where is Epitome of sound .

  5. The Tony Galla track is exceptional

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