Membranes Dark Matter
Membranes Dark Matter

The Membranes ‘Dark Matter/Dark Energy’ Ltd Dbl Vinyl edition


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Membranes Dark Matter

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The Membranes ‘Dark Matter/Dark Energy’ Ltd Vinyl edition

Dark Matter/Dark Energy is the first Membranes album since 1989. It’s awash with their off-kilter mix of angular post-punk adventure, Krautrock-ish soundscapes and edginess.

The album is inspired by a conversation with Joe Incandela, the head of the CERN project about the Higgs Boson particle (Joe is on one of the tracks). It’s all about the life and death of the universe; during recording, John Robb’s father died and the album is also about him.

Side 1
The Universe Explodes Into A Billion Photons Of Pure White Light 5.19
Do The Supernova 4.06
21st Century Man 2.22
Money Is Dust 7.52

Side 2
The Multiverse Suite 2.39
Space Junk 3.10
Dark Matter 5.50
If You Enter The Arena, Be Prepared To Deal With The Lions 3.34

Side 3
In The Graveyard 8.52
Hail To The Lovers 2.04
Magic Eye (To See The Sky) 6.15

Side 4
5776 (The Breathing Song) 3.19
Dark Energy 6.21
The Hum Of The Universe 6.48


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