Scattering Ashes & Cloud Sale: Litten Tree – live review

Scattering Ashes, Cloud Sale
Litten Tree, Coventry
Sept 9th 2012

Adrian Bloxham recently attended a Battle of the Bands at the Litten Tree in Coventry, featuring alt rock band Cloud Sale & metal band Scattering Ashes. Read on to see how the evening unfurled.

I get a message in the morning to say ”˜are you out tonight to see some music, an old friend wants me to come down and check his band out, it’s a battle of the bands’. It’s at The Littern Tree, don’t know if I’ve ever been in there before. in a neat twist, the bands are set up on the sunken dance floor, the audience standing looking down on them.

Cloud Sale are playing when we get there, implausibly young and fresh faced they are a classic guitar, bass and drum trio. With pedals, and noise, lots and lots of noise. They are hampered by a muddy PA but it doesn’t matter. They make noises like My Bloody Valentine and then swing to a long gone sixties beat. They take on the grandeur and bombast of the Creation masters and blast them into their place. The song that catches in my head sounds like a cross between Nirvana at their most vitriotic and the Arctic Monkeys, in as much as every British band with a regional accent and a story to tell owes the monkeys a small debt. They are absolutely of the moment and make a sound that fits perfectly with them. Anyone with a Mudhoney teeshirt deserves some respect. I remember being that young and I am very jealous. If you can, go and see them, I will again.

The second band, Scattering Ashes, are older and a whole lot more experienced. The PA problems seem smoothed somewhat when they come on. They are, as their name suggests, proper Heavy Metal. They have a powerhouse drummer, a leaping around bassist, bleach blond lead guitar and, lurking at the side, the most fantastic rhythm guitarist I’ve seen this year, small, unassuming and looking like he should be at home tucked up in bed, he hits the guitar and makes the most fantastic fuzz guitar riffs, and then starts smiling. The singer has long dark hair, a black vest and jeans, and a voice that is more than a little Rob Halford and old school metal, he leaps around as if possessed by the spirit of Grindcores best, a fantastic frontman. I don’t listen to much metal anymore but have heard enough through my years to know when it’s being done well and this is bloody good.

Their last song is from a Jaguar advert (see above) and is as tight and focused as the rest. I liked the way they took their roots, I’m guessing Metal with a capital M, Goth and everything in between. They made me smile, and enjoyed making the noise that they do.

We said our goodbyes and left, but not after voting. Who did I vote for? Well that would be telling.

Scattering Ashes are on Facebook here & Cloud Sale here.

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