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Listen to This! Berlin-based Trio The Trouble Notes Premiere New Single Lose Your Ties"

Berlin-based three-piece The Trouble Notes premiere their brand new single, Lose Your Ties. The Trouble Notes’ newest single, ‘Lose Your Ties’, is an immersive, emotionally charged and thrilling piece of music encapsulating a melting pot of influences. With a multitude of musical sounds and unifying melodies, the track sheds into wonderful form to allow people […]


The anthem every ‘Old Age Punk’ has been waiting for… the brilliant ‘Fuck Youth’ by Superbean!"

The anthem every ‘Old Age Punk’ has been waiting for…. ‘Fuck Youth’  by Superbean Back in 1976/77 …the birth of Punk Rock…. “We’re just bored teenagers”  Sang the Adverts. “Youth, Youth, Youth” Chanted Generation X, “Never wanna be an adult…” The Outcasts wrote about kids dismissed as’ Just Another Teenage Rebel‘ And the school-age Eater only had […]