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Boomtown Rats: Box Set of all 6 albums – album reviews"

The notion that they were somehow bandwagon jumpers is somewhat laughable when you consider that all of us, from me, to you the reader to dear old Joe Strummer jumped the very attractive bandwagon at some point in those glorious mid to the late seventies. In the rush to condemn people are overlooking a lot of hidden gems and this box set of the 6 Boomtown Rats albums is a reminder that, especially. early on there was a pretty damn fine band with biting satirical lyrics, a punkoid energy, a warped sense of humour and a lyrical sharpness that should be celebrated.

lanterns on the lake

Lanterns On The Lake: Bristol – live review"

The addition of the violin in their music has always added a folky quality, but this is far from folk as you know it. ‘Another Tale From Another English Town’ has a melancholy vein running through it and it is intrinsic to their vibe and with the delicate features of Hazel’s voice, a dreamy landscape is created where the sea plays a strong thematic role. Hailing from the Newcastle, the North East becomes almost a character within influencing the song geography profoundly.