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Slime: Classic ’78 Punk Single reissued on Damaged Goods / Exclusive Interview with Slimey Toad"

‘Controversial’ Interview with Slimey Toad from the Johnny Moped Band and Slime. Interview conducted by Mark Williams of Smash-It-Up,com Slime: Controversial / Loony – the Classic Punk Single  by the Johnny Moped offshoot band fronted by the legendary Slimey Toad has been re-reissued, and here to celebrate it is a World Exclusive Interview with Slimey […]

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In depth interview : Jim Walker was the Public Image drummer : memories of those times and what he’s doing now"

an interview based on the premise that this could be a good opportunity to address and dismiss a lot of the rumours and downright falsehoods that still seem to swirl around that seismic first album, and perhaps more importantly, it would be a good chance to get people up-to-speed with his post-PiL projects, and being the complete gentleman that he clearly is; he agreed…

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interview with The Stone Roses, Coral & Seahorses tour manager Steve Atherton on upcoming release of his new book"

Steve ‘ADJ’ Atherton, also known as ‘The Adj’ and for keeping the show on the road for some of the UK’s biggest guitar bands, learning his trade looking after the Stone Roses on the road from the mid-80’s onwards. Kicking his career off staging the their now legendary illegal gig/parties – ‘The Flower Shows’, he […]