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Fader: Neil Arthur and Benge – interview"

Fader talk about the past, the present and the future to Louder than War’s Paul Scott-Bates, The electronic pioneers Neil Arthur and Benge have joined forces and have their debut collaboration, First Light, ready for release soon. They discuss changes in the recording process, how the addition of vocals has changed some of their collaborative work and the excitement of working with other luminaries within the electronic sphere.

Matt Townsend

Matt Townsend – interview"

Matt Townsend is an indie folk singer from North Carolina who has just released the first part of a 2-part EP The Drifter and the Dream part 1. He also runs Eternal Mind Records, a collaborative project for musicians in Asheville. Considering himself fairly political, his current work focuses on how people are dealing with the current reality of modern life. He spoke to Louder Than War’s Eileen Shapiro about role models rather than heroes and his love of playing to a live audience.


VIZIN – interview and video premier"

Louder Than War’s Eileen Shapiro talks to VIZIN, a drag-queen and singer based in West Hollywood. They chat about her Native American heritage and how being gay fits in with her culture, having Mariah Carey and Marylin Monroe as influences and how performing as VIZIN makes her feel beautiful. They look at her new fun-filled video for I Was Born This Way, filmed in Vegas at the Barbie suite at the Palms and discuss her early performances, including her first with one light-up boob!