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Premiere: STOCKSNSKINS release debut EP ‘Them Today’ – post punk poetry with a pulse"

Think Beat poetry with even more blast, John Cooper Clarke meets an even more jilted generation. Then ramped up with electronica and turned up – LOUD. That’s the work of STOCKSNSKINS, a duo from Bournemouth who combine blistering electronic beats with pulsing poetry and vocal overlays. Recently signed to AnalogueTrash records, their debut EP ‘Them […]

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New Model Army : Live Review ‘NMA play a remarkable gig where the whole audience became a choir in a celebration of their great catalogue"

Aptly named A Night of a Thousand Voices, the concerts comprised of 3 taking place on 2 consecutive evenings then ending with a Sunday afternoon finale. The premise was that a small stage would be constructed in the centre of the chapel with the full band playing, not an acoustic but a much stripped-back set and to allow the audience to fully participate in the show as a collective emotional experience

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