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Interview : Politburo – Manchester band who deal in “Magic realism rock/folk music and mindset”"

Mancunians Nick Alexander and Dominic ‘Dom’ James, the founding members of long-running psychedelic rock/folk band Politburo, divulge deep details about their upcoming sophomore album, Barrington Way, due out August 19th on Leonard Skully Records, their intriguing musical mindset and backstory, and everything in between. Get ready to be entertained –


Blackmoon1348 : Tibetan doomcore band in depth interview"

Miff Morris had the pleasure of interviewing London based Experimental, Tibetan Doomcore duo Blackmoon1348, David Kerry & Lovebeads Thokmaye. They both devoted their time to giving me an in-depth interview for Louder Than War highlighting their album making process for their current new album ‘Sidpa Bardo’, their creative influences, speaking about what they have learned from travelling Nepal and their spiritual beliefs. Not to mention their most recent record pressing & forthcoming album launch party and all that entails, as well their most recent signing to New York label Hexx 9 records, plus plans and hopes of their future months ahead!. Most certainly an insightful in depth interview into a wildly intriguing experimental band.