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new artist : DJ Marfox : Lisbon based DJ/producer with brilliant electronic twist on modern African rhythms"

DK Marfox is a Portuguese DJ and producer who marries the many traditions into a music that skips and jumps around hypnotic beats that mark him out as one of the prime producer/DJ voices on the current scene. Tapping into that stunning African heritage of rhythm but with the pulsating electronics of the now, DJ Marfox is part of a new breed of DJs who utilise an African spin to their music that is reverbeteing around the favela like ghettos of Lisbon.


Therapy : Nottingham : Live Review"

But I’m wrong. When Messrs Cairns, Cooper and McKeegan (does that make them sound like a firm of solicitors?) stroll on stage at the decidedly sober time of 8:30, the audience are already on the verge of losing their shit. Somehow the band sense this and with a brief ‘Good Evening Nottingham!’ they tear them a new one by ripping straight into new album “Disquiet’s” rattling atonal opener “Still Hurts”. The crowd deliver on their promise almost immediately and from here on in, there’s simply no let up.