Manchester Arena : the darkest day in pop history




It’s the darkest day in pop history.

Thousands of children having fun at a pop concert. Dancing. Happy.

Manchester Arena packed with smiling faces at an Ariana Grande concert. Kids.

And then.

22 people, mostly children dead, blown up with a nail bomb by a spineless, cowardly, pathetic individual.

All for what?

Creating terror instead of joy?

No agenda. No point. Cowardly carnage.

They say ‘lone wolf’ – hardly a wolf.

The city has been full of sirens all night. Full of tears.

Thoughts and love to the families who lost loved ones or were caught up in the attack.

Minutes after the event the city centre felt strange. Heavy.


Where do we go from here? Manchester will never buckle. Manchester created with bravery and compassion. Small acts. Big hearts.

You picked on the wrong city.

We need to look after each other. We need to look at security at our concerts and events. We will need to accept changes to our culture to increase safety. We need to spread the love to defeat the hate.

Love is louder than war.



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  1. Winston Smith

    Not the first time Manchester has suffered the atrocity of a terrorist attack nor been subjected to bigoted twats blinkered by their religious beliefs but while they will mourn and grieve they will not bow, WE will not bow to those who would oppress us. I have no religious beliefs, no political affiliations and as we near yet another election I’d ask people to remember it was politicians sanctioning a war on false claims that left s exposed to such atrocities.

  2. So.sorry for the innocent people of manchester my heart goes out to all r i p.xx

  3. It is high time to rise and regain the original pride of our lands and nations. Love is all right, but in facing this malignancy there is a call for something quite else than the submissive attitude towards this- all hearts and tears. Get rid of the floral deception and root out the lies, wipe your tears and rage against this evil and against all who will deceive us to believe in an innocense which proves to be nonsense.

  4. No agenda. No point. Cowardly carnage.

    NO AGENDA??????
    MR ROBB!!! There is a clear agenda, sadly.

  5. John, my 21 year old son was sound engineer at a gig that I attended last night. He wore a Membranes tshirt you gave him after he helped out at a Membranes gig some 6/7 years ago at the Conty in Preston. Love conquers evil everytime ❤

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