KISS release teaser tracks for new album

With new album Monster in the pipeline KISS have released two tracks for fans to stream for free online as a taster of what’s to come.

Gene Simmons says it’s all down to the band’s most recent additions.

“Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer have revitalised us,” he explains. “They have a work ethic and the talent to back it up.

“There are no symphony orchestras, boy choirs, keyboards, outside producers or songwriters on this album. The best thing we did was to turn inwards to ourselves.”

The two tracks - Long Way Down and All For the Love of Rock & Roll – are available to listen to below.

They’re not a massive departure from the band’s tried and tested formula.

Fans are expecting great things after the success of 2009”²s Sonic Boom ”“ the record they made after spending years insisting they wouldn’t return to the studio.

The new album, Monster, is released next week on 8 October 2012.

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