Johnny Rotten back Brexit, Farage and Trump in TV interview

Always one to ruffle a few feathers, Johnny Rotten has implied support for Brexit, Farage and Trump in a TV interview.


Link to the interview here.

On TV this morning promoting his new lyric book he  came out in support of Brexit claiming the working class had spoken and that he would stand by them. He also claimed he could see a possible friendship in Trump, praising his ability to terrify politicians.



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10 comments on “Johnny Rotten back Brexit, Farage and Trump in TV interview”

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  1. With his lyric book being offered for £300 per copy (and described as an ‘art book’), Mr Lydon is obviously NOT on the side of the ‘working class’. His views on Brexit and Trump are pathetically misinformed. His influence on many of the post-’76 bands up until the present day is undeniable (especially ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’ and the first two PiL albums), but most of those bands went on to create better music and ideas than anything he’s done since 1982 IMHO!

  2. Hey Johnny… Trump IS the establishment you millionaire… you haven’t been working class since you were 18. The working class didn’t vote for brevet either – the aged and the unemployed did. Good for them. Bad for the worker.

  3. Rotten, always admired your controversial and challenging stance but Brexit, Farage and Trump…….?? Really?? Punx not dead……it is now

    • Punk and “alternative” used to be seen as a leftie conception. Its since been taken over by well off, middle class white kids (how many punk bands rise from nothing these days?) Blair saw that left wing politics became a rich kids vice. Its dead. No-one speaks for the working classes. Bring back the 70’s.

  4. Ah such a shame, old Johnny been spending too much time with Piers Morgan? Out of touch and irrelevant now aye John ?
    Pains me to say it but the last good thing he did was with Leftfeild in 93.


    The fake left are the new dictators. John Lydon wont have it.

  6. Multi millionaire John Lydon yawns in his rich stupor and makes fuddled rock star comments on the world confusing serial groper, billionaire Donald Trump and stinking rich banker Nigel Farage with being anti establishment when like him they are in the rich middle aged spread male establishment – the 21st century dictators with their petulant hissy fit politics.

  7. One good thing about Brexit is people maybe claiming their own culture away from the monolithic cultures that have crushed their spirits for centuries. I for one am happy to see Scotland break free from the UK, maybe we could see a return to our native religions, cultures and ideas away from the invading religions like Christianity that have little to do with our lands.


    we could see a return to our native religions, cultures and ideas away from the invading religions like Christianity that have little to do with our lands.

    (Seriously? The left are still peddling this one around the place?? zzzzzzzz)

    • I’m not from ‘the left’ but I would happily see less of these way past their sell date, weird, middle eastern religions and their insane world domination agendas brain washing people. Also happy to see less American culture in our fair land.

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