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Martha Ffion Announces New Album, New Track and UK Tour Dates"

Irish-born, and now Glasgow based singer-songwriter Martha Ffion announces new album entitled ‘Sunday Best’ which will be released on Turnstile in early 2018.  To celebrate the news Martha Ffion has also released a track from the album ‘We Make Do’. ‘Sunday Best’ is Martha’s most adventurous and accomplished work to-date, the lush instrumentation bringing her detailed lyrical vision […]


Björk: Utopia – album review"

Utopia is a pastel chalk painting full of smudged edges. It is an album that takes a commitment on the part of the listener and will give you a different outcome each time you journey with it depending on what choices you make as a participant. It is an ambitious, deeply immersive and haunting album that promises you a better world is possible. Once again Björk has created an album that sits high and proud. Original, defiant, passionate and lustful. An absolutely extraordinary album.