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Graingerboy: ShadowFormerSelf (Remixes) – EP review"

ShadowFormerSelf Remixes does what every good remix EP should do. It allows the original to stand tall and proud as a piece in its own right whilst allowing others to come in and play with the framework you have created making the track their own whilst retaining the essence of the original. In Deuce and Charger plus Lippy Kid, Graingerboy has selected the remixers very wisely as they all show enough respect to the original whilst allowing their own creativity to shine. Each remix is its own thing but what they all carry with them is the sense of hope in a seemingly hopeless situation which is the strongest sensation that exists withing Graingerboy’s original vision.


Martha Ffion Announces New Album, New Track and UK Tour Dates"

Irish-born, and now Glasgow based singer-songwriter Martha Ffion announces new album entitled ‘Sunday Best’ which will be released on Turnstile in early 2018.  To celebrate the news Martha Ffion has also released a track from the album ‘We Make Do’. ‘Sunday Best’ is Martha’s most adventurous and accomplished work to-date, the lush instrumentation bringing her detailed lyrical vision […]