Farewell to the post war liberal consensus – we now live in the times of greed

money cigarIn an attempt to find some kind of redeeming presidential features in Donald Trump pundits are scratching their head and saying, ‘er, he’s a businessman…’. It’s at that moment you realise that we have entered a new era…the era of business. The Times Of Greed.

History has shown that times change – there was once the era of empire, the era of war, the post industrial era and the post war liberal consensus era that somehow managed to stumble on for a few decades until the money grubbers got back into centre stage.

Of course they never went away and in reality they were running the world during the hippy dippy daze but then they were shape shifting in the back ground and looked embarrassed when they were caught with their hands in the till.

In 2017 there are no such airs and graces – now the Greed have both hands in the till and also the till itself under the other arm. There are no apologies from the greedy. They now own everything and the poor are scorned. Phillip Green sits on his yacht laughing in the face of his workers, the bankers still take huge bonuses and America is run by a spoilt rich man who talks about the world in terms of deals even though he was never proven to be that great at business himself.

These are the times of Greed. The squeeze is on and the worst aspects of humanity are celebrated every day.


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