Duncan Disorderly and The Scallywags announce new festival and studio

A Scallywag Party!Duncan Disorderly & The Scallywags present new album ‘Live at the Lamb, Lewes’ at their own A Scallywag Party! festival in Dorset, 19/20 May 2017. Sean Bw Parker investigates.

DD and his Scallywags are as much a lifestyle movement as a band. Their sound is encapsulated within the appropriately named Good Times Music label and studio in Lancing, Sussex, and takes in all sun-drenched touchstones, reggae to ska, mariachi to funk.

Bona fide classics Itchy Gypsy, Mr Boring and the captivating Creatures of the Night themselves capture the communal togetherness vibe of the group’s legendary live shows. The collective are generating a genuine grassroots movement along the full south coast of the UK, and their live gigs are serious ‘events’ in their own rights.

Being held on a stage which is a conversion of their tour bus, A Scallywag Party is a movable feast of a festival. It’s very much a follow-up to last year’s Field Good festival held by the band in Cornwall, the musical stew of which was such a catchfire success that Disorderly and co decided a similar-themed bash was the way to announce their immaculately formed new live album.

Watch ‘Itchy Gypsy’ live at the Lamb in Lewes here:

The Scallywags will be joined on the bill by fellow sonic travellers:

Mr Tea and the Minions
Super Cumbia y la Liga de la Alegría
Urban Lions
Bare Jams
Mama Jerk and the Lady Fingers
The Burning Glass
Binbag Wisdom
Dirty Vertebrae
Papa Le Gál
The Surfin’ Birds
Abbie Jebbers

Join Duncan Disorderly, The Scallywags their cast of favourite thousands, and as the man himself puts it, BE the festival. The Love Revolution continues here.

Tickets are £30, and available at itWhistle, here.

Check their official website and Facebook.

All words by Sean bw Parker. 


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