David Devant Frontman Announces New Name and Single

Letter to No One cover As the Pan-like prince of English art-rock responsible for Ginger, Pimlico, Work, Lovelife, Miscellaneous and a thousand other earwormy, esoteric gems, Mikey Georgeson of David Devant and His Spirit Wife has reverted to his original given name, Michael.

Devant was formed 25 years ago in Brighton, based on the theory that Georgeson was simply ‘The Vessel’ for spiritualist Victorian magician David Devant, and thus adopted that moniker for by far the most intriguing of the post-Britpop pack. In a statement to Louder Than War, Michael explained:

“When I was ten I remember reading a book about what names mean. I’ll never forget that it said Michael is a handsome ten year old. Michael is the name I was christened with after my parents thought twice about calling me Zebedee and in a last minute panic chose my father’s name.

“As time passed and it became necessary to use my name confusion ensued and I was called Mikey to differentiate me and my dad thus placing me in a liminal space of identity from my first year.”

Michael’s debut single under his new/old identity is ‘Letter to No One’. Written during his recent artist’s residency in Istanbul, with lyrics by Rob Flint, the songwriter and PhD-certified artist explained the song thus:

“The song itself began when I sold a fiver on eBay and took the resulting melody to Istanbul to develop with the artists on the inside inside residency. At a meal Rob Flint was talking about how some artists seem to have very little concern for how the work is experienced. To explain this he said you can’t send a letter to no one. Wow that’s a great lyric I said. Rob pointed out that it may well be iambic pentameter, which left me thinking oh god do I simply spend my life hearing iambic pentameter and putting it into song? Have I been unpacked?

“Rob was nervous about taking the leap into the void of rhyme, sensing correctly that it is a perilous route because of its proximity to triteness. There is something amazing about how a song can gather ideas into its orbit and then suddenly they are all there hanging in a solar system. At the end of the residency I sung the song on a piano in the roof of what is allegedly the oldest building in Istanbul. I’ll never forget how all the artists crept up the stairs behind me to listen. It was a really strong moment of emotional connection.Any triteness is probably down to me.

“On the flight over I swore I saw Paris which is what reminded me of a painting I made of Icarus impaled on the Eiffel tower entitled modern man in search of a soul.”


‘Letter to No One’ is available here. Follow Michael on Facebook here.

All words by Sean Bw Parker. 

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