BENT – female fronted Aussie Post-punk

New 4-song EP from this Australian band. The label drops comparisons to the Raincoats and the Slits in their description, and I can definitely hear a lot of both of those bands in Bent’s sound. From the Raincoats, there’s the way that the songs seem to live in the interplay between the bass and drums, with scratchy-sounding guitar that sounds less like any guitarist you’ve ever heard and more like the Raincoats’ violinist.

And then from the Slits, there’s Bent’s weird way of making music that somehow sounds like dub reggae without having a single thing you could point to and say, “that sounds like something from a dub track” (except, perhaps, for the way that the booming bass and drums dominate the mix). While these aren’t exactly pop songs, there’s a haunting, almost mesmerizing quality that keeps me coming back to these tracks. A really beautiful record.



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