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Part time punk (retired), sometime freelance scribbler on music, sport and television, when not trying to hold down a day job. Jaundiced views and biased rants available on an irregular basis at

The Godfathers: Jukebox Fury – album review

They’re still playing razor sharp guitar driven rock ‘n’ roll. They still sound more like a vicious 60’s garage band than musicians influenced by anything from the last thirty years.

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Buzzcocks: Wolverhampton – live review

“Despite their innate pop sensibility, Buzzcocks…harnessed the energy of punk and gave us idiotically catchy three minute pop classics.

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A personal reflection on Iain Banks’s announcement that he’s on his last shuffle round this mortal coil.

Not quite the dystopian future beloved of so much sci-fi, Banks is more of a hedonist with a very strong moral core. Which is of course a massive contradiction; welcome to the world of Iain (M) Banks!

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Killing Joke: Corby – live review

“Killing Joke remain an irresistible force, seemingly capable of bottling lightning…”

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Ian Danter: Prove You Wrong – album review

If KISS, Whitesnake and The Darkness are your thing, then this might well be worth checking out.

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