Andy Carrington

Andy Carrington
Andy Carrington is a poet who doesn't particularly like poetry. He's also a writer of some sorts. He grew up in Pontefract, West Yorks, under close supervision of '80s Wrestling and N64; went to college to do Graphic Design; then changed his mind and ended up doing English. Never a fan of the “Shakespearian” poets, he spent most of his late teens-early 20s wasting away, reading Bukowski, drinking beer and listening to old Hip-Hop records. He began writing raps, mimicking the likes of Ice Cube and Ice-T; till he finally realised he had no musical talent (whatsoever) and took to mocking local racists with angry/satirical free-verse. Some call him a "punk/street poet" because he doesn't rhyme, doesn't give much of a fuck, and sometimes swears too much for his own good. Inspired by the DIY ethos, Andy has been writing and publishing books since 2008 and flogging them through his website and boot of his car. He now lives in Bradford, eats a lot of curry and does spoken word gigs for anti-fascist causes. So far he has managed to piss off a range of people, from right-wing knuckle-draggers to middle-class wine drinkers. His more "softer" side can be seen in his earlier works; and he writes film/music reviews “mosty for the fun of it”.

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